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My 5k maintenance programme

Well here's my own programme I have come up with as a 5k maintenance programme over 6 weeks. I will see how it goes, nothing too taxing and I hope that my ankle will hold up and after 6 weeks so I can consider building in more distance again - otherwise it will be back to the doctor!

Week 1:

1. 4km easy run (yesterday)

2. 20mins easy out, then back quicker

3. 10min jog, 10mins brisk, 10 min jog

Week 2:

1. 20mins easy

2. Intervals - 5 mins warm up, 30 secs hard & 90 secs easy x 5, 5 mins cool down

3. 20mins easy out, then back quicker

Week 3:

1. Intervals - 10 mins warm up, 30 secs hard & 90 secs easy x 5, 10 mins cool down

2. 20mins easy

3. 5km

Week 4:

1. 10min jog, 1min brisk & 2 min easy x 4, 10min recovery

2. 20mins easy

3. 5km

Week 5:

1. 25mins easy

2. 10min jog, 1min brisk & 2 min easy x 4, 10min recovery

3. 5km

Week 6:

1. 5mins easy, 15mins fartlek, 5mins recovery

2. 20mins out, then back quicker

3. 5km

Any tips and comments welcome...

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Well, I'm only at W8R2 but I think that sounds like an interesting, challenging, well-balanced program. Nice variety. I look forward to hearing how pleased you are with it.


didntrunthat, it looks like a good programme and impressed you've written it all down. my plan over the next few weeks is similar

1. run of 30 mins

2. intervals...using w1 as fast as i can for the 60 seconds and walk/jog for the 90 seconds

3,. Do 5k


That's a good idea. I hadn't thought of using the Wk1 podcast for intervals but it's ideal for it. Will deffo give that a go.


I'll have to look up what fartlek means! Sounds interesting! Sounds like a good stamina building programme to me hope your ankle is ok.


Like the plan :)

I've got a plan but over 12 weeks to build up my speed and get me to running 5K consistently before building up to longer, which is very similar to yours.

Hope the ankle holds out :)


I decided to go for 6 weeks as its a short enough target to keep my motivation up - which needs a boost at the minute running wise at least! But I need to have it all wrote down so I know where I'm going and don't make any silly excuses!

2nd run with the Orthaheel insoles and again the arches were really rubbing - from the 10 minute mark especially, so I had 30 more minutes to put up with - ouch...I put some Sudocream on before bed on Friday night and the blisters were fine the following morning so I think I will try that again.

No ankle pain as of yet and I got in about half an hour ago so that is good, if all is good still tonight and tomorrow morning I will be very pleasantly surprised. Not getting my hopes up though, these things take time and my tendons will have to adapt to the new insoles, which will cause some discomfort themselves.

I am currently Icing my knees though as they are aching! But I put that down to adapting to the insoles! I hope! No pain while running so I'll just keep a close watch on that - planning a couple of days rest before my next run.


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