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Just wanted to say ... if you're like me ... I haven't done any exercise properly and certainly haven't done running since I was made to at school at about 14 yrs of age (I'm now 43 and 7/8ths) ... if you're considering a C25K programme ... do it!

I'm an overweight, parent, drinking, busy, non-exercising, stressed business owner, party animal

I started 5 weeks ago ... and HONESTLY the 60 second jog nearly killed me.

Tonight I did W5R3 C2K5... 20 mins running without any walking! Happy sore bunny! :-)

Can't believe I did it ... you can do it too. It wasn't easy but it wasn't impossible either ... I googled it a lot today before I did and 2 main pieces of advice were:


Break it down in to 4 x 5mins


try not to check your time

As a big time checker ( oh my God ... how much longer ?) ... I made a a deal with myself not to check the time until certain physical landmarks .... which I sort of knew where I'd be at as I run the same route) and then I pushed myself to not check until the next lampost/bin/whatever. It did help .... I was suddenly at 9 mins ... which then gave me hope as that was nearly 1/2 way and then on the way back was just over 3 ... which made me realise that there was no point in giving up now.

Lisa x


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  • That run really is a big one! Well done - you're well on your way to that green badge now. Keep on trudging on. :)

  • I'm just a run behind you.. can't wait!

  • Out of interest Lisa, do you not use the podcasts? I ask as you seem to have to check where you are, rather than being told?

  • Yes I use the C25Kfree podcasts ... I find the visual countdown really helps ... but I also find that focusing on a landmark helps too.

  • Well done - I'm facing the biggie soon, I've got the eight-minute ones today. I'm then away for a few days and don't know if I'll get to run, so I might do run 2 again next week before going for the 20 minute one. I too struggled with the seventh and eighth 60-second runs just a few weeks ago - I'm 63 and haven't run since school!

  • ginernut, I am 60 and a graduate. So keep going! The night before my first 20 minute run I actually couldn't sleep! Excited, but more worried that I couldn't do it. But hey, I did and you two will too. Go Lisa! Go Gingernut!!!

  • Well done! Keep at it and enjoy.


  • Now come on C25K'ers, ITS NOT A BIGGIE, its just 2 x 10 put together :) I'm only joking folks, you have all come a long way if you have got to this stage so well done. And damn, doesn't it feel goooooddddd. Just think back to that first week, run 1, I thought I was going to die!! I didn't and neither have all of you, well done and keep up the good work. You are well over half way now, your having fun, your fitter and healthier and I'll bet your happier too. It gives a lot of good results for 30 minutes of spent energy doesn't it. :)

  • well done Lisa! I am due my w5 r3 today - yikes - will probably do it this evening when the kids are in bed.

  • Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. Good luck to those facing the biggie!

    Lisa x

  • Great inspiration Lisa, well done :) I completed W3R3 today and about to embark on W4 on Monday....I too hadn't run since the age of around 14 at school and am now 47.5 never ever margined I would chose to do this for "fun" yes fun!!! Loving feeling motivated and all the great blogs on here that make me realise I'm not alone....keep going. Keep posting :)

  • :-)

  • Wonderful! You have passed a milestone & before too long Laura will affirm that you are indeed a "proper runner." As the runs get longer, one thing that helped me was remembering that it's not the speed or even the destination right now, it is the journey. The other was remembering the rules that determine a run vs a walk - i.e., if both feet are not on the ground at the same time, run-walk competition rules call that a run. So I would tell myself in dealing with the mental side & some of the physical issues that go along with being 63.5, "All you have to do is pick up one foot & then the other. This you can do for a very long time, indeed." Now that I am on to Couch to 5K+ with Laura, the distance is magically increasing despite the fact that it is still just picking up one foot & then the other... just more frequently. You definitely can do this.

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