Working towards the Drymen 10K

It was going to be 10k but what a lovely evening when I went out after 9pm! 18c, ok, a tad warm, and 95% humidity, so a tad damp, but calm and easy...

I did Wk4R1 of the B210K, which is 5 minute brisk walk, 3 x 18 min intervals with 2 x 1 minute walks, and 5 minute cool down. However, what I've been doing after the last 18 minute interval when it goes into the 5 minute cool down is just to keep running till I hit the 10K. This time though I timed the route slightly (ok, a LOT) wrong, and had to do another mile to get home.

A wee twinge to my ankle but not too much. Stretches, everything x 2 because of the extra mile...

Showered, fresh sweats and a LARGE glass of white wine.



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  • Sounds like the wine is well deserved! What B210K are you doing?

  • I am doing the one I downloaded from the FB B210K page. They are no longer available there but if you pm me your email address I can get them to you via Dropbox?


  • Hang on, this might work!


  • It's just giving me a sign-in page? Will pm you my email, thanks! :-)

  • Wow Carole - that is fab - based on your pace that's 10k in circa 58 mins (sub-60mins being everyone's initial target) so very well done.

  • Carole - I'm so impressed with your efforts so could I possibly be cheeky and ask if you could kindly e-mail me a copy as well?

    Hope this is ok (I'll PM e-mail address).


  • Drymen?

    Thats not very convenient for the south west. You chasing some hills there Carole?

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