Couch to 5K

First run of week 4....what was I worried about?!


Last week I posted my dread about the 16 minute run in week 4 and I had some lovely encouraging responses! I just wanted to say thank you as the advice given to me, particularly by ClearlyAM kept going round in my head and I did it!

I ache more today (the day after) than I did on any previous runs but it really wasn't all that bad!

So to anyone who was like me, dreading 16 mins then don't do what I did and add it all up, break it all down! Simples!

I will probably be posting in a few days about bricking myself for week 5!! It does make it easier having people who have been there and done it to give advice so thank you!

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Brilliant, well done you. My advice would be that on rest days you try and go out for a nice walk. It helps to stretch out and if you can find someone to walk with its nice to have a chat. Not all exercise has to be hot and sweaty,

I dread every long run but when i have got there i have managed it so i guess we just trust the plan.


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