Week 4 Run 1 you were all there with me

Just back from first run of week 4. Wow! I did not really believe that I could run for 5 minutes but I did it! Can't believe I ran for 16 minutes in total :) On the last run I was needing something to keep me going so I thought about this forum and started thinking of all the names I could remember, chanting in my head - happierswimming, grammadog, oldgirl, svenena, miss t ide, nicolaclaire, .......... you guys and Laura kept me going - Thank you. I was so happy when I'd finished :) Roll on Tuesday for the next run!

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  • Good for you ellerunner & good strategy (I take a lot of heart from the determined souls on here too), I normally have the weekend off but I'm away this week so started week 4 today (so I was kind of with you in a way). I was very apprehensive but made it through in a better state than I expected - now thinking a big part of this is overcoming mental blocks.

  • I agree, the mental blocks and the breathing!! :)

  • Glad you finished the first run of the week! Now that you and svenena and notbad have done it, there's no excuse for me not being able do it tomorrow. :P

  • You will do it, it's amazing how this works, on week 1 I was struggling to run for a minute.

  • That's brilliant! You have made my day by giving me a mention! Will think of you when I'm struggling on week 3! X

  • Every week so far I have still been struggling on the third run of the week but at the start of the next week somehow have managed to do it. I just decided that if all the graduates on here have done it - it must be possible for me too!

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