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Week 2 run 3


So got up this morning feeling really positive so after a few days off not being able to run due to the weather I went out.

It didn't start well the first run felt like I was running With weights round my ankles but carried on. Then the last run I felt a pop in my left calf managed to finish but not happy, snow walking has obviously caused more stress on my legs than I thought. So a few days rest are now required before I started week 3.

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I’m doing that run tonight. My knee has started to hurt so have bought a support and new shoes. Maybe keep walking in between? Hope you’re ok soon 👍🏽

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Thank you hope you enjoy your run take it steady

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Take it steady and slow and if the pain persists get it checked out.. try these exercises too



Roll and then roll more.... make sure you stretch that calf too... well done for getting out there..

It looks like a beautiful morning where you are.. we had more snow and now freezing rain !!

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When you say roll do you mean with a foam roller my mate was talking about them the other day.

Weather was great for the run looks like I got out just in time as it's now raining.

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Well I have both, but for my calf I got a massage stick.

I took a lot of advice from the more experienced folk on the site...( I am on Bridge to 10K also) when I first experienced issues.

My Sports Physio gave me a lot of advice, also, ( Diagnosed that I had a calf tear), and the one I got, which is incredible, has a tutorial video link.. it is so easy to cause more damage if you don't roll properly.

Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick - Best Deep Tissue Massager for Trigger Points, Leg Cramps, Quads, Calf & Hamstring Tightness

Amazon sell them :)

They are exquisite torture, but I would not be without mine. When used properly they really do help:)

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Thank you

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I agree. I have the 66fit trigger point stick. Would not be without one. I even take it on holiday with me!

Look after yourself Martin, you'll soon be back for the next one 👍

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Order placed

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You won't regret it.@jan-now runs has got one recently too😊

Hi Martin, sorry to hear about your calf pain. Rest it and try that massage stick when it comes. I roll down wards away from my knee, do follow the instruction manual that comes with it.

Don't push yourself too hard on the running intervals, just a light jog is all that's required...it soon builds and you need stamina not speed...

Hooe it all settles so you can carry on with the program 😊x

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