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A brief update and another thanks :-) After the nightmare that was W6R1 I was dreading today - also went down with a bit of a cold last night which didn't help my confidence levels - but I decided to go for it as its just a bit of a soreish throat and slightly sniffly so far (figured it might get worse and it would put me back further). So many had said its not so bad after that awful first run and yet again you're right :-) I pushed myself a bit more this time, I ran the first 10 mins at 9.5kph and the second I decided to go for it and ran it all at 10kph - I'm determined to somehow build up the strength and stamina to do the 5k in 30 mins so figured that trying to up from 5mins to 10 mins would help - owwwww lol. By the last minute I was just praying for the time to pass but I did it :-) I covered 4.8k in all in the 34 mins so I'm so happy with that.

Can't say I'm looking forward to Tues and the 25min run, but at the same time feel quite excited. I guess that's the intervals done with, now its just long runs and time to learn again how to run that far and how to pace to get stronger. I'm feeling a combination of bricking it and a bit hyper right now lol lol lol :-)

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Hi, well done for the better run today. I did week 6 run 2 this morning and did it but found it harder than Fridays but this may have been down to late night and a couple of large glasses of red wine last night! I am also a bit apprehensive about Tuesdays 25 min run which I will do after work. I have never run that far before but hey it's only 5 mins longer than last tuesdays 20 min run! Good luck for Tuesday.


he he, yes, a late night and red wine will do it - you deserve to just get your graduate badge for leaving the house let alone all that running :-) We'll be fine (I hope), it'll be good on Tuesday to get over that hurdle - then its only another 5 mins to get to the end - woop woop!


Well done with W6R2, you'll be fine with R3 after all you did 20minutes in W5 so I'm sure you'll do great :)


Well done, I did wk6 run 2 this evening and although I completed it ok I did find it quite tough I think because I went a bit faster on the first run I found the second run a bit challenging but did complete it ok. Bring on the next run, onwards..


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