W6R2 - ouch!

W6R2 in the bag today but how is it that running 2x 10 mins with 3 mins walking is harder than just running 20 mins?! That walk hurt my calves so much and then it was really difficult to start again. I had a good pace going for the first 10mins and the stopping and starting meant I ran the second 10 a lot slower. I never thought I'd say this in a million years but I'm kind of glad that this was the last run that has walking intervals!

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  • Hi Grubby, that run catches quite a few out! Good luck with the rest, it's not easy, but there are no more catches! :-)

  • I found w6 difficult. It was harder to go back to the run walk intervals after w5r3. You have completed the intervals and it's now mastering the longer runs. I admit that I left Laura behind(I know I shouldn't have done) at this point. I'm now up to 40 min runs.

    Good luck, you will be graduating soon

  • I'm doing W6R2 tomorrow (probably in the rain again, looking at the forecast!) will let you know if I find the same - certainly, have read a few posts from others who also found this. like you say though, all block runs from here on in. Well done!

  • I loathed that run as well, posted on here about it. I agree it was way harder than running the full 20 mins.

  • Pretty sure that was the one which took me 3 goes when I went through this first time.

    It makes no sense, but sometimes the walking makes it worse...when I was running 5k every other day the first 5 minutes were swearing, bitching hell then minutes 6 to the end were alright. Then tried bridge to 10k but the 100m walks every 10 minutes just made me feel like I was resetting to 0.

  • Make sure you're stretching those calves out after each run Grubby (and it doesn't hurt to stretch 'em before too).

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