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Apart from the first few weeks of starting out on this journey I think this has to be the hardest run I have done yet. Got a PB on R1 by running downhill for 2k so decided to reverse the route today. The first part of the run was on a very steep downhill (note to self - shady and mossy so DON'T do this when it's icy!) then 2k+ of uphill. Thank goodness for the 3 min walk in the middle otherwise I don't think I would have made it! Steepest part was towards the end of the last 10 mins and I'm almost sure I could have walked it faster than I ran it lol. Rounding the corner at the top to finish on the level almost had me whooping for joy. Time to slow down and I found myself huffing and puffing about 6 paces behind a lad on his way to school. Not good! And at his nervous backward glance I felt compelled to run past him and keep going until I had put some distance between us. So my warm down walk turned into a walk/run home :)

Bring on R3. I can do this but think I will take the easy option and reverse the run again :)

Oh and time wise it only took 2 mins more than the downhill direction but I think I can mostly attribute that to the warm down walk/run. But feeling very happy all the same :D

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I remember the first time I accidentally added a hill to my route. I was on holidays in a new area and ended up at a park that I thought was bigger than it turned out to be. I ended up running up and down this one hill about 4 times, I kept going past the same tourists red faced and puffing like a steam train. I'm sure I've ended up in some holiday snaps by accident. Walking the next few days was not as easy with my tired legs and old lady joints complaining at me. I agree with you, downhill is definitely the way to go. Glad it was still a happy run for you despite the longer distance and the heavy breathing! Great story to tell as well.

hilbeanGraduate in reply to austracey

Oh my goodness! Nothing quite like the unexpected is there ;) But at least you carried on with it :D

Deffo downhill next time :)


Yay! Well done for getting W6R2 done and showing that hill who's boss!! :)

hilbeanGraduate in reply to AliPru

Thanks Ali. Glad to see you are up and running again too x


Well run Hil, w6 is the toughest of all, IMHO. After the euphoria of w5r3, it's hard to knuckle down to intervals again, but it's so important for building stamina. Tackling steep hills *and* w6 is dedication above and beyond the call of duty, so very well done. Not long to go now.... :)

hilbeanGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks! To be honest I wasn't sure I was going to make it (wipes sweat from brow). I certainly don't think I could do a continuous run on that one. Yet, anyway. Hopefully it will have given me the mental stamina to do the 25 min run without problem but that will definitely be on the downhill. I would do one on the flat if I could but I haven't found an option for that round here yet (not from home anyway).


You're doing so well, Hilly, and I'm really enjoying your commentaries. You have to run what routes are available to you, and I think you're sensible swapping uphill/downhill runs. You make me feel guilty for choosing to run on the flat! Keep up the good work, and please keep posting on 'ere!

hilbeanGraduate in reply to JohnBlake

Thanks John. And no need to feel guilty! I think I would make the same choice as you given half the chance! ;)


Good luck with Run 3. You will only have 9 runs left after smashing this one.

I found Week 6 Run 3 to be my Eureka moment and second favourite of all. (Favourite was W9R3).

hilbeanGraduate in reply to Yumphla

Thanks :) I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's run :) Interesting that you found that one such a good run too

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