Couch to 5K

Mmmmmm soft feet... lovely

My feet feel yummy!

I can't be the only one whose feet have become horrible since starting running! I've developed some really thick, hard bits of skin on both the balls and heels of my feet. Yuck!

So today I saw a podiatrist for the first time. Blimey it's made a big difference! I didn't even notice before that they felt dodgey - they just looked it. But now I feel like I'm walking on clouds :)

Just thought I'd give people a nudge to take care of their feet. It's easy to forget about them but they're important! I'm going to look after mine better now - insoles, moisturise and stretching!

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I have filthy feet now as they get all peaty on runs and it doesn't seem to wash off in the shower.


I had fish eat my feet once and loved it. But now I hear that it's not a good thing to do!

I have a black toe nail which I can't get rid of. The doctor wouldn't do anything about it. I've tried treating it myself with stuff from boots but it's not working. If anyone knows something that is good for a fungal toenail infection, please let me know.

Oh dear, I hope I'm not spoiling anyones Sunday lunch ;)


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