Numb leaden feet

As I write this I'm thinking of the play on the word feat. It's a feat to be writing this as week 4 has not been easy and its my feet that are my challenge. I was wondering if anyone else gets very numb feet while jogging? I get pins and needles and numbness and my feet feel very heavy but it is not painful. I'm wondering if it's associated with low iron levels? I have new and bigger shoes as I thought swelling and a constricted shoe might be causing it, but both feet continue to numb up regardless of shoe size. Any others dealing with this also?? Thanks so much.


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10 Replies

  • Worth getting checked out.... did you walk a lot before running or did you lead a sedentary life as it could be your feet complaining about the extra activity?

  • Hi Ju-ju I don't think its extra activity as I walk my dogs most days and have always been OK on the walks. If the new lacing pattern doesn't work I'll get to a physio. Thanks for your advice.

  • I take it you don't otherwise get pins and needles/numbness? I mean, when walking or standing? Not a nurse or doctor but... those symptoms indicate circulatory issues, right? like lack of blood circulation? Are your feet cold or warm afterwards? Does massage help them get back to normal?

    But I'm still going to guess the shoes. I have had a bit of numbness and pins and needles and it is generally from lacing my shoes too tight, it's one reason I use "barefoot" shoes (mine are not really barefoot but that's what they called them -- Nike Free RN is the brand). Most running shoes just cramp up my feet.

  • Congratulations on getting to week four! It may be that you have high arches/insteps - that would make your foot higher, meaning that the lacing compresses your foot, your circulation, and hey presto... numb feet. If you don't have high arches, ignore me. If you do, try this lacing technique to take the pressure off the top of your foot. There are running shoes that are designed for people with high arches - worth looking at if it's your case. Hope you get it sorted.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I do have very high arches and will try the new lacing method. If it doesn't work I'll go in search of a shoe for high arches.

  • Fingers crossed. Keep us posted!

  • super interesting! I also have very high arches (no danger of flat feet here and the arch supports in shoes never even touch my arches generally -- I never connected that with the intermittent numbness!) Thanks for posting.

  • Check it out on line - there is a forum where people discuss it, and one person says they run barefoot if they can, which links up with what you said.

  • Hi yes I suffer from this too. I keep my laces really lose and this has helped a lot. It is also becoming less of a problem the further along in the program I go. It's worth getting it checked out by your GP if it doesn't improve.

  • You need shoes at least a half size bigger than your normal shoes. The laces are tight to the max on new shoes so get them slackened off all the way up their length and then put your feet in and bring the laces in. They shouldn't be too tight. It's a mistake I made when I first started running 🙂

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