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Painful soles of feet

Hello All,

I have just completed week 7 of C25K and have been doing surprisingly well as I struggled with the short runs to begin with. I have been really pleased that I managed the longer 25 minute runs recently (even though in my case it is at a quite slow jog rather than a run) !

Recently I have been having ache/pain in the soles of my feet when I first get up in the morning. Give it half an hour or so and the pain has gone and my feet feel fine. I had been ignoring it but it seems to be happening every morning now. Does anyone else have this or is it just me ? and if so any tips to help alleviate it ?

Thank you everyone.

Linny x

Forgot to mention I'm 64 and haven't run before - might be relevant.

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Slow and steady.. first rule :) You are doing wonderfully!

64! No problem...I always, before getting out of bed.. sit and rub my legs, ankles and feet before getting up! Gets all the blood flowing! My Nan used to do it, every morning... Sit and give them a good massage.

Then, make sure you warm up really well with your brisk 5 minute walk...then, really try to relax and land lightly... my favourite expression as folks will tell you is to, kiss the ground with your feet :)

I am assuming at this stage of the programme your running shoes are okay..? If it continues maybe some Sorbothane insoles would help? E.g.


Your age? No relevance.. I am 67!!! Less seasoned runners have issues too..lots of them !!! x


That does sound like Plantar Faciitas but you need to see a GP or Physio for a confirmed diagnosis. Here is a useful link.

Try 15 controlled heel raises and dips on the bottom stair, three times a day.

Never wear flat shoes.

Running shoes with a heel to toe drop of 12mm are recommended for PF sufferers although I wear 10 mm drop and these are fine for me.

Good luck runner

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Try rolling the soles of your feet on a tennis ball in the evening and when you wake up if need be. Worked for me🙂 Good luck.

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Sounds like plantar faciitis, I get it sometimes with similar symptoms as you, and manage it, age is not relevant lack of excercise and stretching probably, never been to the doc with it, if it becomes chronic you may have to see your gp.

I feel tight calves a lot so I work on those, (find spinning good for the calves and loosens them up) it's all connected with calves, achilles and along the sole to the toes. I gently stretch calves, achilles, toes, generally stretch & strengthen legs and walk around the house on my toes for 100 steps, note! I only do that in the house!😁

I've had very positive comments about my pins from the female members of my family on a gathering at the weekend.. and No! I don't shave them!😁

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You and me both! I am nearly 60. I take an omega 3 fish oil capsule daily to keep my achey big toe at bay 🙂 Once I get moving I am ok. Keeping moving is a good idea 🙂

I'm no doc but I think if it was PF the pain would be constant

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