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Feet problems

Up until W5R3, I had been following C25K religiously, Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays going out as soon as getting in from work.

However since W5R3 which I found really hard, things have not gone so well 😕

I suspect I may be developing Plantar Flascitis, the arch of my left foot aches and I have pains in my heel, even when standing after I've been sat down for a while and feet ache for a while on first getting up in the morning.

I have flat feet and I think a genetically inherited problem with the balls of my feet. Even after a 4 mile walk on Sunday my feet were throbbing Just walking around sight seeing does me in!

I want to do all these things like running and walks and find it so frustrating that my feet feel so uncomfortable and this seems to impact on my posture and affect other parts of the body such as hips

I'm a generally fit 49, having done a weekly spin class for some years and a Pilate class.

I found the 20min run really hard and wondering whether feet issues are exacerbating the problem! I used to run some years ago, completing a 5K and 10K.

The heat is also making running really hard, especially with full time work. I'm not really a morning person, pathetic excuse I know and it's too hot ATM when I get home.

With feet problems and the weather my running seems to have stalled. Thinking of seeing the podiatrist my daughter saw. Saw a physio years ago who recommended special inner soles but they're so rigid!

Sorry, this seems such a whine and a moan, just feeling bit fed up

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Weather problem should get better on Friday but it sounds like seeing a podiatrist would be a good idea. I am sure they will be able to advise how you can get back to running without pain. Could just be the heat though. My feet are swollen and I haven't been running just commuting in London!


Thanks, know what that's like having grown up in London. Hope it's not getting too hot.


Hi , I had to stop the C25k when I developed plantar fasciitis. The doctor said not do it until it's better & now it's too hot 😖


How long does it take to get better? Does it return again if you start running again?


Hmm that sounds more like you need to get proper running shoes. It is quite likely a bio-mechanical problem that can easily be sorted by getting gait analysis and the correct footwear.


I have had gait analysis years ago when I ran before and was told I over probate.

I currently have Asiac trainers and some North Face running shoes. However I am going to consult s podiatrist and look into some shoes from a specialist running shop.


So are your Asics and Northern Face shoes specifically stability shoes for pro atoms?


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