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Week 7 run 2...getting cold feet

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Literally... Because someone left a blinkin great puddle at the end of the road... It's dark, don't they know not to leave them laying aroundπŸ™„

I ran straight into it. Both feet. Had to squelch round town for the next 20 minutes. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

On more positive note, my breathing was way better than its been on the 25 minute runs so far, and I was able to do a proper speed up at the end. In fact the breathing only got a bit ragged when I realised I it wasnt having to think about it...noticing that made me feel a bit breathless... Gremlins on the prowl there, I think!

Anyway, my lovely hot shower after today's run was extra specially lovely for my miserable wet feet, and I'm all nice and cosy warm now, with extra virtuous glow for continuing despite puddlegate. πŸ›€

Happy running everyone!

11 Replies

Some people are just so thoughtless aren't they? 😏 Well done for running with squelchy feet.

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Proper runner going through puddles and just carrying on πŸƒ, bloody marvellous, bet that shower was bliss 😊

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Scruffy64

πŸ˜€ that shower was epic.. And talc on the feet almost made me swoon with delight in creature comfort!

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Well done Raven2016. That's the spirit! Carry on running even with soggy trainers. :) You'll go far.

Your run today reminds me of one of my earlier runs (w1r2 I think) when I done the same thing and it brought to mind that episode of Vicar of Dibley when Dawn French jumped into a puddle with both feet to make a splash, but went right upto her chest in water!! :D

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Lee337

It wasn't quite that deep! Did soak my trainers though......but this may be good thing because have discovered running shop in town, and my old trainers now old smelly trainers = should really buy a proper pair of running shoes! Every cloud.....

Hi Raven 2016.

Apart from a stint of paddling, it sounds like you had a fantastic run. Good on you, its weird how our body's react to our mind, regarding your breathing. You certainly sound like your enjoying yourself.

All the best.

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Well done, Raven2016 . You'll be graduating in no time. Now that you've found that puddle you can boot any stray gremlins into it, where they belong. No nice hot shower for them ;)

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to SlowWorm2016

That is a good place to boot them.... Nasty muddy water.. (And we all know gremlins shouldn't get wet!)

Tee hee, we have some irresponsible puddle leavers round here too. Glad you're warm and toastie now.

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Great post Raven2016, you're doing amazingly well. Glad to hear you're warm now. Happy running and all the best for run 3.

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Bless you! Well done for keeping going! You deserved that lovely shower and the glow :-).

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