Non runner, sore feet, help!!!

I was the person who when exercise was mentioned found every excuse in the book to reason that it wasn't for me. As for running well that was for people who had too much time on their hands and obviously had nothing better to do. !!

Two weeks ago that all changed. All the girls at work decided to enter the Race for Life 5k and start to get fit. I couldn't be the only one not to join in but being the eldest (45) and most out of shape I started looking for ways to get me to that finish line. Couldnt believe my luck when I found couch to 5k it was as though they knew what I needed. Not sure where the determination has come from, it's as though someone has taken over my brain but I've now completed wk1 -I did the run 4 times as 1st run was spent wheezing bu the fire of the road and have done wk2 run twice now. My only problem is my feet REALLY ache after & the following day. So much so its difficult to walk when i get up the next day & really have to get my joints going again. I did buy "running" trainers but if anyone can give me tips or advice I would appreciate it. Wk2R3 due tomorrow.

Even with these challenges I still feel a little smug at the end of each outing & can't believe I'm actually doing it. I just don't want these problems to stop me in my tracks!


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  • Always good to have a goal to aim for!

    When you bought your 'running' trainers did you get them professionally fitted? If not, could be that ones you've got aren't right for you (8 weeks ago didn't know that was possible!!!).

    Hope the aches ease up soon!

  • Thanks AliB, appreciate the guidance. When I bought my shoes I was just pointed to the rack with the "running" shows on & left to try on by myself. I just bought the ones that felt comfiest in the store. Didn't realise there was so much to this running ! Will persevere and thank you for the support.

  • Its all about the insoles and support, i am flat footed, yesterday i bought some trainers and spent 1/2 as much on descent insoles for my feet, no problems after my 1st run yesterday, i wouldnt of been able to do it otherwise.

  • Thanks Emmb, how do you find out if you are flat footed ? Where did you get the insoles from??

  • The technical name is 'overpronation' which can happen because you have flat feet or because you roll your foot in too much when you run. If you leave wet footprints that are of the full foot, or if you wear your shoes down in a certain pattern, that's a sign.

    Here is a description, including ways of checking if you may overpronate, although the best way is to have gait analysis done at a shop for running shoes because they film the whole movement as you are jogging:

    I have insoles for walking shoes and trainers designed for overpronators, they make a real difference.

  • Ive also got arthritis in my right ankle due to injury when i was young, however ive never let it stop me doing anything, as long as i keep active and wear the right footwear most of the time i dont get any problems, and figure id rather make the most of now than in say 15/20 years when i may not be able to even walk as much.anyway got the insoles from a specialist sport shop, as long as the person whos selling them knows whats their talking about, you should be ok

  • I also wear merrell walking shoes for normal walking

  • OMG! Thats why my feet ache! On First glance the picture of the foot rolling over looks just like mine. What to do now ? Supposed to be out on run tomorrow but know I need to sort the proper insoles/shoes first. Do I run and suffer or wait Til I have correct footwear. Thank you do much for your help it explains the knee and back aches too .... I thought it was just that I was carrying too much weight!

  • Well done for starting to run!

    As well as getting proper running shoes, your sore feet could be plantar fascitis. A tell tale sign will be a really sore heel area when getting out of bed in the morning. There is loads of info on line as it is a very common problem, not just for runners. Calf stretches are must if this is the case. Hope this helps & good luck!


  • Hello Bonzo! Well done for doing this , I have over pronation, didn't kn ow anything about it til my BIL who is a keen runner told me about it, I do roll my feet to one side and all my shoes are worn out on the outer edge, so I got running shoes specifically for this. Hopefully this will help you, they don't have to cost the earth either , mine had a whopping 50 quid off and cost less than 40 quid! Hope you get rid of the nasty aches soon and you can carry on running pain free ! :)

  • I also had shoes fitted for over-pronation. I also find cushioned socks help keep the pain down.

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