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Back at last but it is a battle with my mind !

I fell ill after r2 wk 4 last week and really only got back to normal at the start of this week. As each day passed I felt more and more deflated and the negatives got stronger - doubting that I would ever get back into it. But I kept an eye on everyone's posts on here and this morning I went for it and done the week 4 run again . . . it was a real mind struggle and I found it tough. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but my ipod shuffle keeps knocking off half way through and this really annoys me!! But I kept the timings going myself and done it. Anyway, although it was a struggle I am glad I got out again and hope I can get back to the happy and determined place I was!!

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Well done - it's easy to just take an extra few days that turn into a week (or two) then, before you know it, you never quite get round to restarting. I'm speaking as someone who started building a small extension to my home three years ago ... Hope you're back to full health soon.


Do give yourself to recover properly.

Getting back out there is a really strong thing to do, I hope your next run is good.


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