Back at last

Well I completed both C25K and B210k four years ago and lost 4st 7lb in the process.

I continued running on and off since but have put all the weight back on. I have not run for about six months due to a hernia op and started at week 1 last night. It was so hard but I did complete it.

I am 51 and have PKD, I love to run and I think it has got to help to keep me healthy.

Last night was such a struggle but I cant wait for my next run, just got to convince my legs that its a good idea.


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6 Replies

  • Welcome back. You're an overcomer, clearly. So you'll do well I'm sure.

  • Welcome back! Many of us are in the position you were in 4 years ago, so this is a genuine question: what went wrong? How can we all ensure that we don't stop and have to start again in 4 years time? What were the warning signs?

    Bet you get back into it really quickly though. Good luck - you know you can do it!

  • Hi, I think I just put to much pressure on myself, I was following weight watchers and doing c25k, I was really strict and committed to both.

    I felt like I was failing if I did not run a last 5k every time I went out and I just wasn't able to keep it up and I wasn't eating enough to fuel it. I also felt a failure if I had to walk at any point during my 5k runs and that if I didn't run 5k every time I would loose the ability and my body would then only want to do less.

    sounds really stupid doesn't it but I was so pleased with what I have achieved I didn't want to fail

    my doctor said I need to put weight on as I had lost to much and that was my failing, all the time I was sticking to the programs I was fine but I couldn't keep loosing weight and stay healthy and once I started eating more it all went wrong.

    This time after I have achieved 30 minute running I am going to try and do a long run once a week and two shorter runs and hopefully just enjoy it.

  • This is a really useful contribution to the forum slimta Yes, people get injuries they sometimes could not have avoided (although typically folk here seem to injure themselves *not* running!), but so much is about getting your head in a useful place.

    Finding the sweet spot between kicking yourself up the butt to get out there (or be in control of eating) but keeping it compassionate and constructive can be a real challenge. It's like when you start C25K... you only have to run for 60 seconds so people go full pelt (for them) rather than thinking 'the idea eventually is to be able to keep this pace up for 30 minutes... and then do it again in a couple of days' and pace and enjoy accordingly.

    Anyway, you know what you are capable of and you have a great goal there.

  • Thanks, that's really interesting. And I know how you feel, always the fear that you're going to lose it. Then when the first signs appear that you are losing it you turn it into a full-blown self-fulfilling prophecy and give up completely, instead of stepping back and taking the pressure off!

  • Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself. Hopefully you will find a happy medium and keep both fit and a sensible weight. Welcome back to running :) .

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