Getting back at it

Hi all I graduated befor Christmas and was running 5 k 2-3 times a week, with sickness I haven't been out for 3 weeks . Off I went yesterday warm up walk and ran for just 1 k and really didn't feel good so walked the rest about 4 k in total. Want to get back to where I was where on the podcast should I start again ? Should I go back to week 5-6....

I feel bad I haven't been on here supporting others either and here I am looking for help ....


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8 Replies

  • Do not feel bad... you have been become the priority :)

    Now, the main thing is, you are feeling a bit better and ready to start on the path again!

    So.. as ever, slow and steady... really slow.. the walking is good, and more walks will help... take it slow and enjoy the walk... when you feel ready, a brisker walk...and then maybe. as her majesty Irishprincess calls them, a tiny jogette :) Not even a kilometre.. just do what sometimes do.. Scout's Pace... :) walk to the count of a hundred, gentle jog to 100 :)

    See how you go and just build up.. there is no hurry.. loads of us are on the IC currently and it is going to take a while for us to get back on track. Some strength and flex exercises could be useful too.

    Then, when you feel more like yourself, have another little go at maybe, no more than 3K...just listen to your body and go with it. :)

  • Hello, nice to see you back!

    After injury I did : 1x wk3, 1xwk4, 1x wk 5.......I choose wk5r2, then went to final wk 6. I built from there and yesterday ran 7k. What I noticed was I needed to run 3 times a week to build stamina, so I did not worry about speed, just got out there and found it got easier.


  • Ps that's one run of wk 3, one run of wk 4 👍🏼

  • Glad you are feeling better, but you do need to take it slow and steady to ease yourself back in. I am currently only running once a week at parkrun, and need to work my stamina back up to running for longer sections of the course til I can do the whole 5k. It's so cold out first thing at the moment that I really can't get myself up and out the door to run any more though I am doing plenty of walking and dancing. Once the weather warms up a tad I'm sure we'll all get back into the groove. Just take it easy and look after yourself for the time being, and certainly don't feel bad asking for advice and support here, we're all in this together :).

  • Help is what we're here for, you don't need to give to receive here! :) Might be a bit of trail and error to work out where you need to start back but once you're back your fitness will probably build again quite quickly. There's no hurry, take it steady and see how the first couple of runs go. Welcome back. :)

  • Thank you everyone think I'll attempt week 4 and see how I go and gauge from that hopefully off out tomorrow, went back to slimming world this eve up 1.5 lbs so happy enough thought I'd be worse

    Thanks again xx

  • I completed week 4 with lots in the tank gona start week 5 and maybe do two runs of it, and move to week 6 then

    Thanks folks

  • That's the spirit! You're doing great :)

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