Couch to 5K

2nd week done and not much better!

well done me for getting out of bed and going out today, certainly didnt feel like it.

However it doesnt seem to be getting any easier and looking at week 3 I dont think i will manage 3 minutes!

Will try the frst one and see, but may have to repeat week 2.

On the plus side no specific aches and pains this week so the extra stretching must be working.

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Go on, give it a go. You might be surprised!


Well done for doing week 2, I've just done the first run of week 3, and never thought I could do 3 minutes, but I did. Hurray! I bet you will too. Take your time, go slowly and allow yourself to achieve it. I really needed my rest day today though!


Easier is kind of the wrong way to look at it I think, it will however get better.

you can do it, I'm liking cattery's words 'allow yourself to achieve it' that is so very true, your mind fights with you a lot, tells you lies about your body and pulls all sorts of you can't do this tricks - ignore and slowly plod on regardless :) week 3 will be alright. In the walking sections spend a little time with your hands on your head (like at school) slowly breathing it helps put a little more oxygen in for your muscles

besides you've done the time in separate bits, now you just have to start joining them up :)


thanks for the tips, i'll give it a go and who knows...............


Have you thought about perhaps trying a different time of day? Not everyne is suited to AM runs.

You will be fine, believe in yourself, you can do it!

And you'll have the whole of the next day to feel proud of your personal achievements.

Slowly, slowly is a great policy. I'm certainly no speed demon and I think knowing this and thinking of my steady plod helps me keep myself in check.

Best wishes for your next run.


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