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Week 3 done in the 5am biblical rain and wind!


Well I hope if nothing else I get points for effort!! :) I am a day early in finishing week 3 but wanted to get it done so I went out this morning. The alarm wasnt set until 5.50am giving me 10 mins to get up and out and to run from 6am - 6.30 before a dog walk and then getting ready for work. But my border terrier Teddy decided at 5am he needed a wee and prompt sat by the bed punching his little paw against the duvet until I took notice. So out i went earlier than planned in horrendous wind and rain. I genuinely think I would have been drier if I had stood in the shower fully clothed. It was hard to run in the driving rain but week 3 is done. Found the whole of week 3 easier than week 2. I wouldnt say it was easy but easier. Not sure if i want to do one more run for week 3 or move straight onto week 4 on Wednesday. Feels strange to be nearing half way through but I can only run for 3 minutes. Well its time for breakfast and to carry on drying off:) Might see how I feel but really do want to move onto Week 4 soon:) Happy Monday everyone.

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Eleven out of ten for commitment! I'd have taken one look out the window, said "tomorrow will do just fine" and gone back to sleep!

Hi there, well done I am on week 3 aswell, did I understand Laura properly only 2 x 3 mins runs and 2 x 90 secs it just seemed so ok that I thought I must have missed something out??

Joanne37Graduate in reply to bess123

No thats right. 5 min warm up walk then 90 secs run, 90 secs walk, 3 mins run, 3 mins walk and then repeat all that. Scared about upping this to 5mins on Wednesday!!! EEK.


Thank you:) It took my mind of thinking about how long I had run for because I was too busy laughing at myself running round looking like a little drowned rat. I had to squueze out the water when I got home but I had to go out. Lets hope it clears up by Wednesday!


Lovely - being able to laugh at yourself! All strength to you keeping going!

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