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I'm looking for some good music to help me complete week 9. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm rather bored with the music on the podcasts.

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I've bought 101 Running Songs which is about 4 CDs' worth for £10-ish - fairly classic stuff with some cheesy 80s stuff thrown in, but it gets me round! You can always make a playlist that avoids the tracks you're not so keen on - it's pretty good value for such a lot of music. I also had fun running to Green Day recently - 'Give me Novocaine' came on just at the right moment ;-). I'm also going to try the Foo Fighters (I may be 50-something but my 17 year old's tastes have rubbed off on me!!).

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MirellaGraduate in reply to juicydee

I ordered both 101 Running CDs from Amazon this weekend, waiting for them to arrive.

Love Green Day too and Blink 182, think its because I'm still an old punk at heart.

Thanks. I had a quick look on itunes and the 101 Running songs looks good. Is there a new one? The one I saw was released in 2010. I have a 15 year old daughter who has been trying to force her music on to me and I've started to quite enjoy some of it. Foo Fighters are great! Go for it!

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juicydeeGraduate in reply to Kcam

There is a version 2 with all different tracks, but I haven't tried it as it didn't have such good reviews and I thought the first one would probably keep me going for a bit! My son is a keen drummer and often practises Foo Fighters numbers so they're like the soundtrack to my life :-)

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Kcam in reply to juicydee

Drums! I thought I was bad off with two teenage boys and 6 guitars between them!

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juicydeeGraduate in reply to Kcam

Hehe - I'm the annoying one with the guitar in our house :-D

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I use - you can put in your approximate pace and it suggests songs that are of an appropriate number of beats per minute for you. I don't actually buy the songs off there - but use if for suggestions to mine my own music library for. A playlist for, say, 30 minutes might only need about 9 songs so I usually find I can put something together from CDs I already have if I play about with the searches. It's good because you never get that feeling that the song is not right to run to, or is pushing you too hard.

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juicydeeGraduate in reply to SaCl

That sounds brill! Wonder how slow they go down to though? :-)

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I was listening to AC/DC this evening- I was running angry!!!!!! ;-)

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I bought Now that's what I call running from Amazon about two weeks ago - not all the tracks are ideal for running to - I'd say some were definitely cool down / warm up tracks, but its got everything from Footloose to Snoop Dog and Sweat.

I think a lot of it depends on your taste as well.

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