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i'm at the end of week 6 and as the runs gets longer i'm wondering what you guys listen to to help you through the tough times, take you mind of the pain. podcasts? music? playlists? any suggestions for what work for you would be great thank you

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I was listening to a podcast called Limetown during weeks 5 and 6 which I thought was quite good. It's a fictional story about a reporter investigating the overnight disappearance of a towns population, I think there is 5 or 6 episodes and each is about 30 minutes long so works quite well timing wise. Only downside is because it's American there are a few adverts for hello fresh in it!

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to read0001

I listen to Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k podcasts. Original tracks and there are hundreds of em It's free! Plenty of inspiring stuff on there.

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The music of Prince (great tempo for a steady running pace!) and Madonna (so that I can sing along like a mad fool as I am running; it makes me happy.) I make playlists of all my favourite songs. 😀

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I listen to upbeat music I can mime along to. It motivates me during the run and I can't be sure but I think it helps with my breathing too because I'm singing along, albeit silently! For me, music I enjoy is really important so I've made my own playlist consisting of loads of songs I like. I put the playlist on shuffle each run so the running order changes each time and I rarely hear the same song again within a couple of runs. I did think about buying one of those compilation albums such as Now That's What I Call Running but I didn't like half the stuff on it and I like having my own little personal party in my head via my headphones!

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I've listened to the same Blues Brothers album for every run! I see it as my good luck listen as I now only have one run left till graduation. Yay! However podcasts sounds like a good idea - probably much better for keeping your mind off the matter in hand. I always have SO many of them to catch up on - thanks for triggering my tiny brain!

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used to listen to mostly indie rock bands, tried a few audiobooks but couldn't really concentrate on listening to a story and running at the same time haha.

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I've been raving about the Funk and Soul show on BBC radio 2 - upbeat music, unexpected gems, fits really well for getting you moving! Or - radio comedy shows. Bit of humour definitely helps.

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I like Craig Charles' prog! Plays some right goodies 😃

Run to your fave tunes and the run goes by quicker. Mind you, you ,can bounce too much unless you hold it down. Too much bounce wastes energy 😃

I have discovered that music makes me run faster, so good for shorter runs, and I like audiobooks to keep me entertained on long runs. Spotify have some great 'genre' playlists which are free as long as you don't mind an ad every 30mins.

I listen to instrumental mixes from YouTube. I read somewhere that instrumental music is usually better for concentration during excercise, and I've found that to be true for myself.

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