Hi, fellow runners!

Since finding this wonderful forum I've come across quite a few posts referring to music which appears to be embedded in the podcasts. Is this the case, or have I misunderstood?

I have a Running Playlist in my iPhone (which my son put together for me - it's brilliant), but am I missing something in there being prescribed tracks from Laura with measured bpm available? If this is the case, how do I access this music, please? Am I inadvertanly overriding it with my own playlist?!

I'm all for anything that helps me stick to a regular rhythm!

Thanks :)


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  • There are 2 main ways to follow C25K: use an App on your phone, or use the podcast, either on your phone or on a compatible MP3 player. Both have pros and cons...

    C25K App(s) (as there are more than one)

    Pros: you get to listen to your own music playing in the background; you are running with a phone, which can be good for safety; you can run a tracking app like astragalus or MapmyRun whilst running.

    Cons: posts on this forum suggest that the timing can be off or erratic; there are often posts asking how to unlock a particular week; the apps have been known to crash during a run; some posts complain that the volume of the instructions are too quiet.

    C25k podcast

    Pros: all the timing, music, voice prompts etc are in the one MP3 file so nothing can go wrong.

    Cons: you get to listen to Laura and the prescribed music, which may not be to your taste; not everyone is familiar with playing podcasts on their device.

    You will find links to the podcasts on the NHS website, or in iTunes Store if you have an account. They are totally free.

  • OK. I am listening via the app on my iPhone, but am hugely reassured that I'm not missing out on Laura's prescribed music.


  • Trust me, you are missing NOTHING by not having Laura's playlist. I did not have a smartphone when I did C25k, only my daughter's MP3 player so was obliged to use podcasts rather than app with my own music.

    I am not kidding in any way when i say that had I not found alternative playlists in W2 I would not have continued with the programme. I would rather listen to a continuous looped recording of an articulated lorry with a load of live pigs locking its brakes at 90mph to avoid 100 cats sliding down blackboards, claws extended than listen to the official music selection.

    Although there is no Half Man Half Biscuit, at least.

  • Love the "live pigs" "cats" bit

  • That's very reassuring. Many thanks.

    I have enough to contend with, without the ear-splitting atrocities!

    I'll stick to my son's excellent choices. Who knew there were so many running-friendly acappella arrangements?! ;)

  • I have to disagree with Rignold here. Listening to Laura's choice in music in the mp3 podcast should be considered a rite of passage. Until you've endured the Julie song you haven't lived.

    I found that the music helped me to stick with the programme and get through it as quickly as possible. There were a couple of mornings when I ventured out of the door and met the rain and sleet coming at me horizontally. The only thing that kept me motivated in that sort of weather was the thought that if I did the run, there would be one fewer occasion when I'd have to listen to that music in future.

    Once I'd reached week 9 run 3 I celebrated not the end of the programme, but the realisation that I need never have to listen to the Julie track again ;)

  • Oh wow. I'm glad I missed that. Great mental image by the way.

  • I'm just going to leave this here:

    *runs away*

  • This is truly awful. Is it typical of Laura's tracks? ;)

  • Pretty much! Though personally I thought there were worse ones, CKC1's example below for example, which will make your ears shrivel.

  • OMG, how did you find this?

  • Ha ha! I'm loving this thread! I hadn't discovered the app when I did C25K last year so just struggled through with the music. I swear that every minute running felt like ten because of the torturous background of electro pop! However I did read another thread on this site praising the music (and looking for the playlist!!!!), so I assumed I was just too old to appreciate it!

    For me personally, Julie was the least of the problem. I'll leave you with this link:

  • Oh god, no, I'd listen to that for the full 30min of W9 rather than sodding Julie for the warm up walk. It's still in my head an hour and a half later. Grrrrrr.

    I did C25K a few years ago and had forgotten how late 'Julie' arrives. For a few blissful weeks I thought perhaps they had seen sense and taken it out of the podcasts. Wrong! :'(

  • Nooooo!, that is horrible!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • You're right this is THE WORST. Along with the one about having "both feet on the ground but my head is spinning round and round".

    There was one I almost liked, "will you follow me into the sunshine"

    Isn't it strange how these songs are still imprinted in my brain after two years...

  • Ha ha, this one is terrible! One of my faves!

  • We did w9 r1 today, the Julie song is definitely the worst song in the world. I feel like the whole week 9 track is a combination of the most awful tunes they could possibly collate together. Maybe it makes you more determined to finish the plan?!?!

    I shall be glad when next weekend comes around and I have my own music!

  • I feel so blessed to have had my son's excellent playlist to get me to the end of week 7 (tomorrow). The terrible music could have been a deal-breaker for me. ๐Ÿ˜

  • This is such a funny thread. Luckily I have the app I don't think I would see W1 R2 if I had the podcast.

  • Truly , I've had enough of you and Julie :-)

    Once heard, never forgotten :-) xxx

  • I confess I'd ditched Laura before I got to Julie and have never heard it. I have learned that its status on this forum is legend - and not in a good way! And so I'm planning to go on never hearing it!

  • They'll take your grad badge don't know what you're missing...

  • Nooooooooooo!!! They'll have to prise that badge out of my cold dead hands!!!

  • Arietty... scroll up, scroll up... and click. ^^^^^ Go on. You know you want to. Become one of us. What harm could it possibly do...

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