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hi all

new here just done my first run/walk tonight, it was tough i'm not going to lie..... whos the best trainer guys? also, what about music .... ?

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I can only vouch for Michael. I know a few others love his tones too. As for music, what era do you like? I like everything but I tend to search for running albums on Apple Music. I have a favourite one which is current chart songs remixed to a faster beat.

Hi...first day for me too! Struggled but did as Michael told me! 😊

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bev4 in reply to LJB74

i had jo, but ill try michael next time.... keep going!!!

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You are.... but I can only speak for C25K and Laura :)

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Sammo70 in reply to Oldfloss

It's not on the app anymore though is it? Just on podcast? 😳

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bev4 in reply to Sammo70

thats what i was wondering - i thought there would be music with the app?

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Shivani05Graduate in reply to Oldfloss


I myself like Jo Whiley! Music at the moment is an 80's mix, but I do try to mix it up too.

I like Michael, his smooth tones do it for me!

Created on computer from my iTunes a favourite playlist, mixture of loads, keeps me going!

Good luck, am on Week2 😀

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bev4 in reply to Sammo70

thanks - ill have to get myself some music together!!

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Hey Bev! I can't advise on best trainers but in terms of music l could go on for days ;) Personally, l listen to whatever makes me feel comfortable, and l always pre-plan my choice depending on the length of the run, mood, or even the weather (don't ask). I know that some of us like to follow the beat of our chosen songs which is something that l would never do, simply because the beat could be faster than the burning thighs or lungs, or slower, which could make it even worse. My idea is that music should simply complement the body moves when running and give better vibes to the running environment ;) Works well for me!

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bev4 in reply to mrrun

whoops .... i meant as in michael - jo ..... ill get some music together then - i dont mind any musid to be honest but gotta make sure i dont have the dance music that makes you drive faster if on the radio in the car .... or ill be doing a!!!!

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mrrunGraduate in reply to bev4

Hey, please don't sprint :) And Michael made my runs good, no idea if he's the best ;) Enjoy yourself, that's what counts!

Okay I am severely biased, I love Mr Smooth aka Michael. I created my own music playlist and run that alongside Michael. I think it was Irishprincess who rated where you can download according to your pace. And btw you'v done the toughest run. Kicking the couch is always the hardest - going from nothing to something... well done

Deffo Michael... no to Jo Whiney.... irritated the bejebus out of me....

Music... I think something like LittleMix have some great beats but to keep me going I generally have now gone onto Disturbed or Seether... then I can get angry with the music and clear my head x

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