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Womens reasonably-priced running shoe recommendation?

Well I've just downloaded all the podcasts and transferred them to my phone. Tomorrow it will be 100 days since I gave up smoking and although my taste and smell has improved massively, I still feel my breathing capacity could be better when exercising. I'm trying to diet at the moment so all this ties together quite nicely, my only question is what ladies running shoes can anyone recommend? I used to run cross country as a youngster and always wore Nike running shoes, but now it seems they're more about looking fashionable than supporting the foot so I'm at a bit of a loss really. Does anyone have any recommendations that don't cost the earth? I'm a post-grad student and Mum to 2 girls, so money is very much a restrictive factor I'm afraid!

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I would say asics are the best running shoe, they do range in price from around £40 to over £100. How much are you wanting to pay and what size are you? I have some size 6 brand new ones currently on eBay if you are interested?


I think rather than go for a particular brand have a proper fitting done as in the long run they will serve you better than buying a particular brand. That way you can try many pairs on of different makes and prices until you find the best ones for you.

Well done on giving up smoking and good luck with the programme :)


I agree with Minuette and recommend you go for a proper fitting with a running shoe expert. The last thing you want is to give yourself an injury because of wearing inappropriate shoes.

I've just bought a pair of Mizuno running shoes after some gait analysis which have corrected a slight rolling inwards of my right ankle. The shop assistant narrowed it down to three specific pairs of shoes (from the Asics or Mizuno ranges) which were the best for my running style.

Yes it was more expensive but it was so worth it to get rid of the knee pain I'd been getting with my old trainers. I appreciate your financial position (I'm a mature student too) so would it be feasible to ask for contributions to the cost in lieu of birthday presents from family or something?

Well done on giving up the smoking. I know from experience that's not easy. If you need a recommendation for a healthy eating plan, I lost 5 stone with Slimming World last year and it's given me the confidence to do C25K. I never once felt that I was deprived of any food/drink (including wine, cake and chocolate) and still follow the plan now to keep myself at target weight.

Good luck with the rest of your fitness journey :-)


I bought mine from (or via amazon store). Their prices are really good and they categorise the shoes by gait support. I got my Saucony trainers ( for £35 including delivery - not bad I thought!

Last week 1 run tomorrow :) Good luck to you!


Wow so many replies so quickly! I'm glad I checked back now :-)

I've just been on my Week 1 Run 1. I took the kids with me and they loved it, too. I can't breathe through my nose whilst running though, I feel like I can't get enough air, so that's something I need to work on. I enjoyed it though, can't believe how easy it seemed afterwards when she said I'd run for 8 minutes overall. Just breaking it up into chunks makes all the difference. If I tried to run 8 minutes non-stop I'd be a pukey/shakey mess!

Becksta87: Thanks but I'm a teeny 4.5 (which may work in my favour so I can buy childrens trainers, teeheehee!). I've heard good things about Asics so I'll add them to the list to look out for, thank you!

Minuette: I didn't even know adults could get 'fit' for shoes, will be having a nosey around now to see where local to me does that. It does sound the best thing to do as I have awkward sized feet and hip issues, I don't want to aggravate anything. Thanks! :-)

Lunebucket: I'm currently doing an elimination diet which basically let's me eat a lot (portion control never been my strength) as long as I stick to healthy or unprocessed food. So mountains of salad, lean meat, veg, fish, fruit and nuts. I've lost 10lbs so far (it was 14lbs...but I had an Easter blip LOL). I tried Slimming World but used to go mad on pasta on green days and that would mess up my weightloss. Wheat hates me :-( and I love it so much! Haha. Thanks for the well-wishes :-)

Don'tBeBlueBeARainbow: Thanks for that link I will definitely have a look on there :-) those prices are very reasonable. I was shocked at some of the prices I've seen, and the amount of youngsters I see wearing £100+ trainers is crazy!


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