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Trail running shoe - daft question

I like running around the park but with all the rain the ground is super smooshy and a bit slippery!!!

I need stability shoes because I over pronate on my right foot. Trail shoes don't seem to have those definitions, just that they are trail shoes.

I don't want to hurt my legs again by wearing something that isn't suitable.

Am I being daft?

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Trail shoes by defenition need to be flexable to tackle the uneven surface of the trails.

Most road shoes from Nike have their classic waffle outersole so they are worth considering. Adidas do make a road/trail shoe with support called the "Supernova Riot" which has the added support block.


Sorry forgot another road/trail shoe.... Salomon XT Hornet


I originally bought trail shoes by Adidas as I run on a very uneven tow path and slippery trail but then had quite bad shin pain. I knew the shoes weren't cushioned enough but it was confirmed for me. I now have the Brooks Adrenalin and they are great on the surfaces I'm running on....she sold them to me on the grippier sole but good cushioning. I slightly over pronate but land heavier on my left leg. No more shin pain :)


I run in lightweight trail shoes (Adizero XT, Vivobarefoot). I used to have terrible shin pain *before* I took up running. Not now.

I tried a beefier pair of shoes after gait analysis - what an absolute disaster (except that I could exchange them) My knees literally knocked together and I couldn't feel the ground, it was like having a serious neuropathy.

I am unconvinced about this business of 'diagnosing' 'over' or 'under' anything when someone is just starting out running. Right now it sounds as though you are worried about slipping - so either you'll not run, or you'll slip. Arguably both more of a problem than anything more subtle. My first running shoes were Brooks Green Silence (again, light) but was worried about slidey mud.


I reckon if you're on mud and trails the *ground* is soft enough to do the cushioning bit. And I run off road in Salomon Fellraisers and absolutely love them, but they're probably a bit extreme for the park.


Thanks all, you've been very helpful. :D


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