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Hi Guys

Having seen my success with C25k, my wife is keen to start the programme as well (just as I get close to the end!). Anyway, I want to get here fitted with a proper set of shoes, get her gait checked etc.

I have done a bit of searching online, and we were going to try the Sweatshop in Ipswich which seems to be well thought of on Google/other running sites.

Does anyone on here have any experience of them, good or bad or any other recommendation for where to use in the Suffolk area, ideally around the Ipswich/Bury St Edmunds/Diss triangle?

I will also get my shoes checked too, as I never bothered having my shoes fitted, I just bought them online (stupidly).


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18 Replies

  • Yes I do and buy all my shoes from there. Jan the manager is lovely and cannot do enough for you. Its a professional service and they will test your gait. You may end up with boxes of shoes around you until you get the right pair. Highly recommend and let me know how you get on

  • That'll do for me!

    That's great, thank you so much. Think we are heading there on Friday after work, so will keep you posted. My wallet aches already....

  • I'm off to get my gait checked on Saturday I'm going to runners needs in London plus going to look if they have a sweatshop there too. My bank balance is screaming right now.

  • I'm off to get my gait checked on Saturday I'm going to runners needs in London plus going to look if they have a sweatshop there too. My bank balance is screaming right now.

  • Hi Belinda. I have just spotted your thread on the same subject. Why are you going all the way to London when you are in Norfolk? There is a Sweatshop in Ipswich which seems to be well regarded and will save the rail fare!

  • Hi maysie, I fancied a day out as I have a day off work at the c25k. I also figured that London will have lots of runners shops with a good selection to choose from. It's good to know that we have a sweatshop in Norwich and Peterborough which are both not to far away for future items, such as trail trainers he he ;-)

  • Understood! I also spotted that Sweatshop had a branch in Norwich after I posted. Oops.

    When I still worked in London, everyone who I knew used to use London City Runner in Ludgate Broadway, just south of St Pauls. Apparently they were very good, but I personally have absolutely no idea!

    Their website is pretty useless, so I cant even find out if they offer gait analysis for you.

  • Fantastic Jan and her staff and great x let me know what you get. Its interesting to see how you run and correct shoes I feel are a must

  • Got my shoes from there. They were fab. Very professional, very interested and took as much time as was necessary for me to choose the ones I wanted. Can't recommend them highly enough :)

  • Wow. It looks like I picked the right place to go!

    I just checked, and I bought my current Asics running trainers back in 2005, so that is how long I have been on/off the running for (well off really, until March this year). Does that make them 'retro/vintage'?

    What a dude...

  • Ooo, new running shoes :) let us know how you get on and what shoes you buy ;)

    I had my gait analysis / bought my running shoes from Sweatshop in the metro centre, Gateshead.

  • Fantastic - they spend some much time as it is important and nothing is too much trouble. My feet and gait seem to like Nike Lunars - although I need a pair of shoes with a little engine to make me run faster lol xx

  • I think we will end up with a set of road shoes for my wife, as she will be running from her workplace at lunchtimes, but I might treat myself to a new set of trail shoes, so I can head out in the fields at the back of my house. My current shoes will be fine for a while yet - assuming the shoe suits my pronation of course.

    I thought this running lark was supposed to be a cheap sport?!?

    (Love the idea of engines in the shoes by the way!)

  • :) not sure its a cheap sport lol Along with all the clothing I also treated myself to a garmin forerunner 10 the other day :) Feel quite inspired with my new gizmo although never looked it during the last run but love seeing how far I have gone and how slow I have run.

    I worked out that Mo run a 10k nearly as quick as my 1 mile :) lol

    Also got a new park run starting in September in Kesgrave as long as the Ipswich one so may be joining those

  • I'm planning on going over there for new shoes as soon as time and the back balance allow me to. It's useful to see the replies you've already had to say the Ipswich branch of Sweatshop is good. Will be the first time I've had 'proper' running shoes - might make me feel like a proper runner!

    There is also a running shop in Bury called Runability but I have no idea what they're like.

  • Hi Maysie1, I'm a bit late catching up on reading the posts this week but just wanted to say hello and welcome from a fellow Ipswich runner! You've probably been to Sweatshop by now but I wanted to say too that the branch at David Loyd are brilliant. Got my gait analysed and bought new shoes almost a year ago. The lady in their was so helpful and there is no hard sell. We are a bit lacking of proper sports shops in Ipswich. Sports Direct is fine but they do tend to be bias towards their own brand shoes. Good luck to you and your wife with the running. Claire.

  • Hi nmjb

    Thanks for the welcome! Do you run as part of the Swetshop Running Club thing or just do your own thing?

    I am about 10 miles east of Ipswich, so it is a bit of a jaunt for me to drive to Ipswich just go for a quick run. Just wondered what it was like though, ie is it good fun/motivational/helpful?

    Sounds like it is popular.

  • We ended up with a pair of Brooks Ghost 7 for my wife who has a 'perfect' neutral gait. She was rather smug about being told she was 'perfect' of course!

    My Asics Kayano's were just about ok for me, but not perfect so I will drop back soon and try some new alternatives when I have more time. I am not used to treadmills, so felt like I was running really oddly on the machine - not sure it that makes too much difference though.

    We didn't really help ourselves by arriving lateish on a Friday evening, but the chap who served us was very nice. He found some Nikes that suited my feet perfectly, but I just didn't like them as they didn't feel 'right'.

    Found the Sweatshop very helpful and knowledgable and not pushy at all. I was also surprised how quick the process was.

    W1R1 booked in for my wife on Sunday, so there goes my iPod shuffle!

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