Couch to 5K

week one done

completed week one, hiding from people as I 'ran' by turning corners when I see people coming, but I did it. first day took me 3 hours to stop being purple, better last two, but more down to the weather being cooler than my fitness.....which is non existent. Struggling with muscle above by right knee-but probably because its never been used before....i'll see how it goes, I may have to do week one again as i'm so unift!

Feeling good about finally doing something about it.

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hey there, welcome :) If you've done as the podcast says for week 1 I wouldn't worry about repeating it I'd just get out there and head on into week 2, the programme will get you fit if you trust it. don't push too hard as slow and steady is fine you don't have to be a hare a tortoise will do just fine :)

hiding natural, most of us do/did until the ' I just don't care :) ' feeling kicks in

As for muscle ache, a little gentle stretching after you get back will help, you will ache but it does go away, muscles ache when they are busy changing, getting used to being used and repairing that's why rest days between runs are important - drink a glass of milk after a run


Welcome, and I echo Bxster's advice. Just move on to week 2, You have completed week 1, well done. :)


well done sounfit...stick with it and you will soon need to change your name!!

ive just started week 2 and did run 1 today...was a bit of a struggle as I did a charity bootcamp session yesterday and got very achy legs now

keep posting and jogging x


thanks to you all (couldnt resist a peak to see if anyone does really answer) I'll start week 2 tomorrow........inspiration is a wonderful thing!


Hi sounfit - I can recommend a quad stretch after your run - it gets all the muscles down the front of your thigh. I do mine lying on my side but you can do them standing up if you're a complete masochist :-) Just make sure your leg is in line with your torso and then grab your foot (around the front of the ankle) and pull it gently back, aiming to touch your heel to your bum - don't force it if it won't go all the way though. Hold for 30 - 40 seconds, increasing the stretch if you can. It's done wonders for my creaky old knees :-)


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