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Should've got a gait analysis done before I got trainers!

I finally decided to get a gait analysis done today - 6 weeks after I bought new trainers!

I've been having problems with a pain in my left ankle for a couple of weeks or so now and it's only when I run. It felt like I was running on the side of a hill and that I just needed my foot to be on flat ground and the pain would then go away. But I wasn't running on the side of a hill, I was already on flat ground.

This morning my other half suggested a trip to "Go Outdoors" as he wanted a new fleece so I thought "Hmmmm............... I wonder if they do gait analysis there?" An they did!

Felt like a right idiot on that treadmill with the store full of shoppers. There was me, crashing along like an elephant in full fright. Each foot landing on the treadmill thundering through the store and causing people to stare at me in wonder. I think I may have frightened a few small children too! I think I'll pass on joining the secret service. Stealthy I am not!

To make it worse, they video you from behind and then slow down the footage to get the gait analysis. It was all very interesting stuff but I can't believe my arse is that big!

Anyway, it turns out that I over-pronate when I run, particularly on my left ankle which is why I've been bothered with pain. The assistant plucked a pair of trainers off the shelf which are designed for people like me and then, to my utter humiliation, made me run again in the new trainers.

Embarrassment aside, What a HUGE difference! I could actually feel the support and no more pain! Wow!

The trainers aren't cheap though (£65) and, having already wasted £30 or so on new trainers, I was reluctant to buy yet another pair just yet. So, I've invested in a pair of orthotic inserts instead which will hopefully correct the issue and allow me to continue running. If that fails then it will have to be the new trainers!

My advice to all you newbie runners out there? Get a gait analysis BEFORE you buy your trainers. It's free, it's helpful and will hopefully prevent a whole load of injuries from happening not to mention save you some money!

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I totally agree ! Glad you've resolved the painful running.


I'm sure it was just the normal sounds of running ;-) I visited Sweatshop in Windsor last week to check out some running gear and their gait analysis was clearly going on upstairs and it was a busy day. It did sound like a herd of elephants upstairs but in reality they were probably just normal people being put through necessary paces. I'm glad I got mine done at a quiet time at another running shop and analysed by a proper runner who worked there/ However, this was before i'd even started week 1 and I was a bit nervous about getting puffed out on the treadmill after 30 seconds!!


I've noticed my running is getting quieter than it was to start with - except when I speed up at the end and things (mp3 player, olbas oil inhaler, tissues etc) start to bounce off the treadmill !


I had a gait analysis done on Thursday and I must say I was grateful I'd already done some running - even so, when the shop assistant said 'I'm just going to get you to run for 30 seconds in these', I did momentarily forget what I've been doing for the last 9 weeks and panicked ever so slightly!! As I suspected, I ended up with a pair of Brookes - which seem to be the Volvo Estate of the running shoe world. No sexy little fuchsia pink numbers for me :-(


I'm going to do this too! Sounds sensible


Hey, don't diss Brooks, I think mine are really cool! And they come in some very, very bright colour combinations you'd never see on a Volvo.


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