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Gait Analysis

After reading previous posts and reading the advice given by Iannodatruffe I had my gait analysed. I did what he suggested and entered gait analysis in my area and it came up with a couple of suggestions. I did have to sign up for a Core card to get the gait analysis for free. No hardship. They choice a standard running shoe first in which to run a treadmill. My run was videoed and then analysed.

I actually run quite heavily and my feet tend to move outwards thus the risk of a twisted ankle or joint problems. I was then advised on the type of running shoe for me with an insole for added support. I picked a pair of runners and then we tried various insoles and each time my gait was being analysed.

With the advice I was given based on my gait analysed I now have new runners which I will trying out on tomorrow’s W4R3.

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Fantastic. It is looked on as favourable to post a photo of the new shoes please. We looooooovvvveeeee new running shoes 😃


I would but I don’t know how to post a piccy on here. 🙁


Scroll down on the post section, add photo! Good luck 😃


So glad that it has worked for you. I am sure that you will find a benefit from the correct footwear.


I think so too. I’m off for a run this morning so I’ll post how I got on with them.


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