Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

I was going to buy a new pair of running shoes from Sports Direct as I was pretty sure I wanted control shoes as my feet are flat, however, I went to a specialist running shop near me and had the gait analysis done.

Really glad I did as it turns out my gait is nearly neutral. The guy in the shop spent ages letting me try on suitable shoes from 4 manufacturers and give them a go on the treadmill. Again this was really beneficial as one pair aggravated the top of my right foot when I ran and I am sure would have caused me problems. In the end it came down to a choice of two and he suggested I ran with odd shoes to see which felt more comfortable.

Result! I have a new pair of shoes that are really comfortable and support my mild over pronation.

Warning sunglasses needed!

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  • P.S. A tenner more than on-line, but well worth it for the buying experience.

  • I like those! That's the problem I had with one pair, irritating the top of the foot..

  • the offending shoes felt comfortable until i ran. Think i would have had real problems.

  • Yes, the ones I bought gave me a big lump on my big toe joint, they were Brooks Adrenaline. Strangely I had the opposite problem, they were comfortable when I ran but hurt when I walked, but I think they were rubbing all the time.

  • Did you manage to change your Brooks?

  • Nice shoos!

  • Thanks!

  • they look nice too :)

  • Don't know if i dare wear them outside!

  • Definitely run faster shoes LOL!

  • Run longer is what i need!

  • Got to be worth a second everything mile. Wow.

  • A second a km would be great!

  • very nice shoes :D

  • Looking good! Hope they give you wings :) (Love the colour by the way)

  • Thanks 5k

  • Whoa ! * puts sunglasses on *

    Hey nice shooos ! :-D

    A big fat YES from me , Hope you will be very happy together :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, you always make me smile! :-)

  • Ah xxx Thats very nice of you to say so, Thank you :-)

    I love your pic, btw xxx

  • You can see my flat feet!

  • Oooh yeah ha ha , I wouldnt have ever noticed if you hadnt have pointed it out, honest Guv . :-D xxx

  • Thanks Rob

  • Ooooh! Nice shoooooz!!!!

  • Thanks Tounlou.

  • Oooh beauuuutiful! Why are mens shoes so much better for colours than the ladies? (Pink pink pink or purple).

    Which shop did you get them from? Sounds like you had a great experience.. xx

  • Hi SpikyMoss, sorry for delay. I bought them in a small independant called 'Metres to Miles' in Epworth, North Lincolnshire. Wasn't my intention to get bright colours, but they are really comfortable.

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