Week 1 Run 1 Almost a run, more an ongoing stumble

I've become used to a fair bit of walking over the last few months, but jogging felt very odd. I don't often see pensioners jogging, and feel a bit of an idiot. Tried to choose a route with few people around, and just about managed the 8 one minute "runs". I'll be out again in the week, may even get some trainers.


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  • Good for you. Proper trainers will make a big difference - I'd recommend going to a decent running shop where they will look at how you run and suggest the most suitable shoes for you. Keep going, the jogging won't feel "odd" for long and you certainly won't look an idiot.

  • I thought someone would call an ambulance when they saw me run for the first time. My running style is more crashing around like an elephant than a leaping gazelle! You hang in there!

    I agree with sfb350 - Get a gait analysis done before you buy trainers. That way you won't waste a load of money on trainers that cause problems like I did!

  • I think my week 1 running style was more like illegal race walking - I'm on week 5 now and I can truly claim to be jogging at last. Trainers are always a good thing - what did you run in?

  • I "ran" in my normal comfy, rather well worn shoes. Not so comfy for jogging. They are fairly flexible, but I couldn't find my trainers. Probably last saw them more than 30 years ago when I used to play squash!

  • 12 weeks ago I too stumbled along. I had never run in my life and felt a real idiot. I'm soon to be 64 and yesterday ran with my daughter for 31 mins and last week did 5k in 37 mins so stick at it and you'll definitely get there. You'll feel great - I found a new pair of trainers made such a difference. Good luck,

  • I'm 64 in August. Seems odd to think that in 9 weeks I could be doing 5k in some fashion or another, and maybe not feeling like an idiot!

  • I remember my first run I ran like Phoebe (for those who watch Friends) - it was quite comical - more a controlled fall while closely resembling a ribena berry :-) It does improve - suddenly your legs start doing what they are supposed to and the feeling of power and freedom is wonderful when you really get going :-) I remember feeling quite surprised at the sensation of kicking in and shooting off lol! Do get your trainers sorted though, and do try and invest in some decent ones that are right for you - with running it isn't a case of buying a pair off the shelf - getting your gait analysed makes the difference between running and beginning to enjoy it, or suffering pain and discomfort and injury - the right trainers and you're more like Tigger ;-)

  • Many thanks for all the comments and advice. I'd never heard of gait analysis. There's a place quite near that does it, (the web is great for finding stuff), but their trainers seem very expensive to me. I survived Run 1, and guess I'll be OK for Run 2 tomorrow. Places should be open normally from Tuesday, so I should have some trainers shortly.

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