Week 3, Run 1 - almost crawling on all fours

Worried all weekend about today's three none-stop-minutes, my clever stratergy: Go a bit slower!

The first three minutes went well, happily jogging along at planned super-slow-mo speed. Managed to go almost nowhere. Brilliant work.

Second half. What happened? Still slow, yes. Yet some how, now time itself mysteriously slower too!? Minutes now hours etc. Space-time stretching and distorting before my very feet? I recall, towards the end of the last three so called 'minutes', almost crawling, painfully slowly - a 1 frame per second panting agony - on all fours? (which would explain the muddy knees and hands) I'd surely been out for hours? Yet strangely some how transported back to just 30 minutes after I set off. Call Prof.Brian Cox! I've discovered some kind of space-time distortion field by a reservoir in calderdale. And I just jogged through it. Slowly.


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13 Replies

  • No way... The space/time thing was in Hampshire 2 weeks ago! It stayed for two weeks then disappeared (at around W5)... Must have headed your way!

  • hhaa, this had me laughing this morning :)

  • :-) Brilliant! :-) And good on you for getting through it!

    I found week 3 strangely my hardest week - up to week 8. So keep on powering through! Next week might be a lot better!

  • Lol.....that is exactly how I felt this morning on W3R2, I really struggled but got there in the end !!

    Well done and well done for not giving up :-)

  • lol blog brilliant :) thanks

  • You should write a book on this running lark. You could call it Been there, done it, almost got the t-shirt by stevecramp. Well done for getting out there. It's amazing how good you feel after the run (well once you get your breath back, of course).

    Your blog brightened up my breakfast, come to think of it I should have been out running, now where's my trainers....... :)

  • So I see you've found the 'runners zone' already ;)

    Greta blog and good luck with next run.

  • lol you always make me laugh...well done Steve (for the comedy and the run!)

  • great blog :-) I felt just like this yesterday W3R2 - am alreadyhappier about getting out there tomorrow! thanks for posting :-)

  • This was a fab blog post, I think you have a great writing style! I am about to encounter the space-time distortion myself tomorrow when I do W3R1. I am absolutely dreading it, have been for days since I had a quick recce of the podcast and wished I hadn't. It confirmed my worst fears about W3....but I keep thinking that I've got to put in some major effort to get through this programme, it won't happen otherwise! Best of luck with the rest of the runs, I am NOT going to preview week 4 if I survive week 3, just crack on with it.

  • Well done, stevecramp - was worried you'd given up. Has the constipation passed?

  • haha. all good now, ta. Not given up yet. Roll on Week 4!

  • Please tell us how week 4 goes. I am full of trepidation for myself about how it will go, esp as I had a less than brilliant run this morning.

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