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I'm a runner!

I finished Week 6 yesterday, and may have shed a slight tear when Laura said I was now a runner! Can't believe I can run for 25 mins without passing out. The progress since my first run is staggering. Yes, it's taken me longer than 6 weeks, and I've had to take it a little slower due to really bad back pain (which is now sorted), but I'm a runner!

I'm also thrilled to report that I've inspired my best friend to get out and run. She's on the larger side too (though not as big as me), and I fondly remember us spending PE lessons at school moaning and whinging!

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Yeay! On all counts! Many of us either laughed out loud, wept or jumped around manically when Laura said we were runners!!! It is a great feeling

Well done you, and well done for passing the running message on too! :)


Yea you are! Congratulations - week 6 is often worse than week 5 for a lot of people. You are definitely on the home stretch now.

Slow and steady fluffyowl89, you can do it :-).

BTW, I had really bad back pain until I worked on my form? For me it was a very localised, almost excruciating lower back pain. Running more upright, pelvis tucked under and small steps so your feet land under your hips was the key for me.


That's what my pain was like. It's due to my general posture, poor core strength and sitting for long periods without adequate back support. It's amazing how much difference it's made using a cushion to support my back!

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Well done, Laura knows what she is talking about. Graduations just round the corner 🏃🏃🏃


Wow! Can't wait to hear the same x well done you! 👍


Whoop whoop 😃 Well done 👍🏼


I've just done W7R1 and found it so much easier than W6R3! I changed my route today as the park I normally run in was really muddy from the storm last night.


How are things going? X


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