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W5 R2

I was wrong after the last run to focus purely on time, I am definitely getting fitter. During this run I was able to run well past the second 8 minutes and eventually ran for 1.1 miles continuously which is not only my distance record but I ran it in 12 minutes. My recovery time is also greatly reducing, with me feeling like I have only been for a walk shortly after. I am still slightly dreading the next run, but feel like I have the capacity to be able to run it.

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That's so good :-) I think we all dread that next run in wk 5..... I just did Wk4 run 1 and as I was running that was thinking that next week I have wk 5.... eek! I suppose that that many people can't be wrong and they all say its doable lol! Well done on your 1.1 miles - that's some achievement!


That is amazing progress, well done!!


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