Couch to 5K

W5 R2 =)

Well today's run was interesting! Was all pumped up for it this morning, and had quite a nice start. Ran the first 8 minutes quite easily, but then everything went downhill! i decided to take my hoody off during the cool down period after the first 8 minutes as it was getting quite warm. Because of this i completely lost track of where i was in the podcast, then once i finally started running my head phones just kept falling out and then my ipod fell out of my pocket and smashed on the pavement, in front of loads of people. It was so embarrassing! I tried to carry on and run what i thought was the last 8 minutes but without a working ipod it was a bit difficult and to be honest i wanted to get out of the park as fast as i could. Oh well, atleast i could actually manage the running, lets see what w5r3 brings! =)

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Hi kittycat

I've just done w5r2 too! Bad luck on smashing your i pod....what are you going to do? Personally, I can't imagine doing it without the lovely fact, panicking about what to do when graduated from programme! Nervous about the next run...20Minutes??!!


well done kittycat! my pod cast stopped half way through the second 8 min run too! not that I dropped it, it just stopped and I couldn't concentrate on my phone too long so just carried on, I was on a treadmill so timed myself, not thinking about tomorrow (thats a lie!), was going to do it outside, but think I will stick with the gym - good luck!


gypsydepp i know what you mean! luckily i can just use my iphone instead, but its a bit annoying because it is so bulky. and I'm hoping by the time I have finished these podcast they would have developed new ones! as for the 20 minute run i don't really like to think about it, but everywhere i read there people saying its not that bad. Jennyn good luck with run 3! you must tell us all about it =)


oh dear good job you can use your phone instead , well done on 2nd run of week 5 i just did my 2nd run of week 5 today too was easier than i thought, the next 1 i'm not looking forward to though . let us know how you get on


Good luck everyone with run'll be absolutely fine. Trust Laura & you'll make it through and I can confirm the thought of it is actually worse than doing it.

Top tip - pace yourself and don't head off to fast.

Let us know how you all get on :)


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