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Week 3 Run 1 DONE..and the car washed too :)

Been ages since I've posted on here! Did my first run of week 2 and then got knocked for six with a bad cold, had to take a week out. Was worried I'd have to start again, but I picked up where I left off and did the last two runs of week 2.

Was worried I'd have to do it one more time before moving onto week 3, but moved onto week 3 and completed it for the first time on Wednesday. I dropped my car off to be cleaned at the local car wash, then ran my 30 mins from there.The 3 minutes were really tough. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to do it! I found the first rep really hard, nearly gave up, but luckily the second rep I found surprisingly easy! When Laura piped up saying I'd done 2 minutes I couldn't believe it!

I'm going to head of for W3 R2 in a bit..just worried about the weather..I keep getting dehydration headaches from running in this heat..but I find I don't want water! I've never been a big drinker anyway, I force down a bit each day, but really suffering in this weather.

Anyway, I did it! We'll see how run 2 goes...

Annabel xx

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Well done! With this daft fuel shortage I've been feeling chuffed that I can walk/run into town without so out of breath. A real sense of freedom. Keep drinking your water though.


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