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Week 2 Run 3 - done ✅


Last run of week 2 done, been sat down in my car driving for most of the day and found that run harder, think because I have been immobile for most of the day.

That being said, I did enjoy it, tried slowing down a bit and found that when I went slower my legs started to burn, sped up and it stopped! So kept up with the higher pace! Rightly or wrongly, not sure 🤔?

Looking forward to the challenge of week 3 on Thursday 😝

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Well done Tony, week 2 is in the bag! I'm certainly no expert but whatever feels best sounds right to me. Enjoy your endorphin filled evening 😁


Thanks Minnow, unfortunately the endorphins have now worn off and the aches and pains are settling in, got a feeling I will be paying for this in the morning!! 🤕

Hidden in reply to swisstony4

Oh dear! How are you feeling now? Maybe slower was better!

swisstony4Graduate in reply to Hidden

No pain no gain I guess !! Feeling okay and stuff lol wanting to get out and start Week 3 but have to wait until tomorrow 🙄

The pace is very good, but of course as you progress the runs get longer, so maybe better for you to pull off the gas a bit. It's difficult to be precise because we all are different..., but better to go slower and get the longer runs done, than speed too soon and pay for it later.

Happy running in W3

swisstony4Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks Jan, definitely looking to slow down as quads are screaming at me this morning !!


Keep it up, you’re doing fab

swisstony4Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Cheers Mummycav

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