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Week 1 Run 3 done and a few worries faced too!


Yay! Week one all completed and I faced a few worries too. Also I ran on a Saturday morning! Wooo hoo!

1) worry of running in the rain. No idea why this is a thing for me but as I looked out the window and saw the rain this morning, I have to admit I did think about not going. I even looked on Apple weather to see if I could delay it! No such luck so just did it. I must say it was actually enjoyable!

2) worry of people I know seeing me. So second run period in, my friend drives past in the car waving like a mad woman. My worry of ‘what will she think?’ kicks in thinking of the negative. My phone buzzed a few minutes later with a message of ‘you go girl’. The boost that gave me was great.

3) worry of not making it through run 3. Well that’s that one sorted as run three is all done!

It’s interesting how the mental state can impact a run. Coupled with a great playlist today, my motivation changed from ‘oh god do I have to?’ To ‘let’s do this’.

Hope everyone else has a great Saturday run!

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Win, win and win... !!! Go you.. very well done...:)

CabanaAnna in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! Feeling very much like a winner today. Small steps but in the right way.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to CabanaAnna

Small steps, like slow and steady ones, get you to the most amazing places... well done:)


Loved reading your post!! Go you!! 🤘

Thank you!


Well done you. I never went out in the rain until much later on in the programme!! Despite cajoling to get me to.

I have found the weather apps to be mostly unreliable but the MetOffice for me seems to be the most accurate more so than Apple or BBC.

Someone once told me "don't worry about the rain, just get a hot shower when you get back".

Happy running.

CabanaAnna in reply to Richard7

And that shower was amazing! Thanks for the support.

Well done - keep going x

Thank you!


👏👏👏 beat those gremlins!!! So many negative thoughts are just so much hot air, why would anyone think badly of anyone looking after themselves!?

Weather? We don't melt in the rain! 😂 saying that, depending on your shoes take care on wet grass or mud 😉

You're doing great. Keep smiling and cheering yourself on👍💪😁

CabanaAnna in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you! Loving the positive outlook 😁

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