Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 3 tomorrow - eeek!

Well, I at week 4 I thought I couldn't run 5 mins without stopping and then again before my last run I thought 8 mins, no way. But I did them both without much problem. But 20 minutes - 20 minutes!!

I've read recent blogs by people feeling exactly the same as me and they've done it. Can I? It feels far too long a time for me to run!

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You'll be fine. Trust in Laura and remember it's all about pace...slow and steady is the way.

This run is all about the mental battle rather than the physical. Believe you can do it and you will. Let us know how you get on


definately more in your head than in your legs. take it one easy step at a time & you will be fine :)

we will be watching to see if you win ~ good luck


It's still fresh in my mind and it's definately all about pace and training your brain to say yes yes yes you can do this. I found this morning if I was getting a little fast and a bit tired, I would slow down a little and lower my arms to the side of my body and go slower for about 20 seconds, then pick up to a moderate pace. You can do it, just be kind to yourself and talk yo yourself like you would if you were coaching someone running beside you. :)


my last run was the 20 min run, it is very scary and im not saying its easy, just take your time and only think about keep moving and finishing it, so go at a steady pace dont shoot off and your be fine:)


I am with you on this debrabwfc! I face the 20 mins tomorrow night too! It does seem such a steep increase after 8 mins. Why not 10 or even 15 mins? Oh well we just have to give it a go. Everyone on here seems to say that it is doable afterall! Post back and let us know how you survived and I will too! Good luck!


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