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Week 5 Run 3 due tomorrow - yikes!


I've been doing ok and enjoying the programme but due to do the dreaded 20 minutes tomorrow - really not sure I can do it! Found run 2 this week (2 lots of 8 mins difficult towards the end!) Would be grateful for any tips!!

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The best tip is to take it slow. Perhaps slower than you normally run.

I did it last night, and like you was doubting whether I could do it, but whilst the last 5 minutes were a bit hard, it wasn't as bad as you would think. You will surprise yourself honestly.


You can do it. Yes you can. Don't listen to that niggling voice of doubt, just go out there, take it easy, don't count down the minutes (only 19 minutes to go, oh my gawd that's a long time, only 18, only 17, oh sh*t, 17 is twice as long as 8 and then a bit, only 16, oh my, does it ever get easier). Instead try to switch off as far as possible and just chill as you put one foot in front of the other. You can do it :)


No tips but wishing you lots of luck. Will be looking to see how you get on. Will be me this time next week. Good luck FluffyPaws


exactly what meadsey said , take it slow and steady if not slower , everyone pretty much looks at run3 and says i cant but you CAN, trust in laura and the program and you will DO it :D :D


Firstly, you can do this. You have laid the foundations and are more than capable. The doubts are in your head.

As has been said, take it nice and slowly. You are not in a race.

When I completed the 20 minutes I felt that breaking it into 5 minute mental segments helped. You know what running for 5 minutes feels like. It shouldnt surprise you.

Go to bed tonight telling yourself that you will do this. We all know that you will.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your run :)


The program works. Relax, take it slow and enjoy it. Laura will be there for you.


First of all congratulations for getting this far in the programme! 20 minutes does seem terrifying doesn't it - you're not the only one to feel intimidated! But the programme works and you really can do this! Like the others have said just take it as slow as you need to and then maybe a little slower and you will be fine! I'm looking forward to reading your success post in a day or 2!

The vast majority of us here felt exactly the same about this week, but you know what? We survived it. You WILL do this. You're ready for this run. Just keep thinking how great you'll feel at the end!


The best tip, beyond going at a very steady pace, is to believe in yourself and believe in the programme. You can do it, Do some facial stretches beforehand or the fixed grin can become painful. Good luck.


Just take it nice and slow, I deliberately don't take a watch with me so I can't watch the clock and rely on Laura to keep me right. Just keep telling yourself you can do it and you will be fine. Good luck

Go slowly and deny yourself the possibility of stopping before Laura's say-so. You've got this far so your body absolutely *is* strong enough to do it. Tell your mind to back off every time it tries to get in the way. Legs on, grin on, fierce attitude on, mind off! :)

So, so worth it when you get home.


I’ve got that run tomorrow too! Just have to see how goes.

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