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Week 5 Run 3 bagged!

After an awful attempt last week and suffering with knee pain, a trip to the docs today fuelled my desire to complete a 20 minute run and I did it!!! 

I asked the doc about my knee, talked about the pain I got after 10 minutes running, his advice was Rice and only run for 5 minutes instead on a soft surface. I'd asked for a physio referral and he said no as the pain only started on Friday. I come out feeling deflated.  

Came home, got changed and put on a new knee strap, but then had to take Mr T to minors as he had some brick dust in his eye which has scratched his cornea.  (back story was 2 teen to 20 year olds tried to steal his motorbike last night from the gardenand he was drilling a metal plate to the wall without googles this afternoon)  

So after we got back, and after a quick chat about latteral ligaments (husband again, skiing woes from the other week) I thought I'm bloody well doing it today if it kills me. 

5 mins in I was wobbling, couldn't get a rhythm but by 10 mins I was doing great. 15 mins passed and I started smiling as I knew I was going to make it to 20 mins. 

The sense of achievement is mahoosive 😀

Knee is fine. Tops of me legs sore but they haven't worked that hard in years! 

Week 6 here I come! 

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Wow well done you! I am impressed ! Enjoy the rest day romorrow!

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Thank you!  Back to work tomorrow and will be using the lift! 

I'm itching to get timings sorted, I managed exactly 3K today in 30 mins but think I could go faster... It feels slowwwww! 


Slow is good, I went too fast on week 5 originally and knackered myself.  Speed can come much, much later.  Well done on the 20 minutes!

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Wow, sounds like 24 hours in A&E at your place!

Well done for getting this one under your belt.  Week 6 can be tricky so keep it good and slow!

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Well done KT!

I've just got back from my w5r3. I found it really hard and my pace was the same as yours. Bring on week 6!


Thank you and well done! I'm a bit stiff today though... :-) 


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