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Today i graduated!!! yipee!!


cant believe it, today was wk9r3, and i did it. did a road run with torturous hills, along lovely country roads (apart from 1 mile of busy main road) passed a farmyard (oh sweet jesus the smell of cow s**t was breath taking) thought id have to stop and throw up, but on we powered, when laura said that's it you've run a full 30 mins i was about 5 mins from my house, so i ran on, not saying it was easy, or a breeze, but i did it :)

i am a c25k graduate :) today i ran for 35mins!!!

9 wks ago i couldnt run for 3 mins let alone 30.

wow what a fantastic programme!! and what an amazing bunch of people in this community, such great encouragement!!

oh and before i stop my rant, i got a tip from a friend today with regards to running and i thought id pass it on, some of you may know already. but it was news to me, avoid hot drinks such as tea/coffee etc a couple of hours before you run as it causes you to dehydrate.. intead drink plenty of water before and after your run and during if needed.

today for the 1st time i didnt get stitch while running, maybe coincidence but i think his tip helped..

now, off to get ready to go out for a few celebratory drinks with my hubby :)

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well done you what an achievment & you have inspired me abit to carry on, im on week 5:)

scavoGraduate in reply to Hidden

keep going, you will get there.. i promise you will..


Congratulations scavo :) It's an amazing achievement. What's your next challenge?

scavoGraduate in reply to AliB1

am doing a 5k fun run mon wk, so will see how that goes :) havent really thought beyond that at the moment..

well done it must feel great. What are you going to do now? continue with 3 times 30mins a week. and just increese speed?

scavoGraduate in reply to hacw

yeah i think ill just continue with the 30min runs til im doing it comfortably (if that ever happens)

nice one be proud

ahh farmyard smells .........

ran past a farm other week and the cows all stared at me (porb thinking look at that lanky idiot)


congratulations :)


yep - very well done. Every person who completes the programme is in a way a hero. Keep on runnin'

scavoGraduate in reply to Malcy

i'll certainly try :)


well done :)


Great stuff!!!


Wow that's fantastic well done on graduating! :)

scavoGraduate in reply to Minuette

thanks minuette :)


It feels great, doesn't it :) I went out for my second post-graduation run today and really enjoyed myself. There is a long, steady incline on my current route, and I actually looked forward to it today.

scavoGraduate in reply to Hidden

oh i dont think ill ever look forward to those inclines!! but yeah, am feeling great about actually being able to run, and completing the programme :)


well done :) fantastic achievement. enjoy your celebration X

scavoGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

celebrated a bit too hard!! but hey its not every day you graduate C25k!!


Congratulations on graduating, well done, keep on running :)

scavoGraduate in reply to blueboots

thanks blueboots :) i certainly plan on keepin on running :)


Great stuff; well done you. Keep on going!

scavoGraduate in reply to OldNed

thanks ned :)

Well Done! I too completed the plan today, 2 days later than intended, but thanks to your kind words of encouragement earlier,I went out and did my final run.It felt a little sad.... what next? I have signed up to do the Great South Run in October so need to work towards completing 10 miles! Notice that I said completing not running lol!.

scavoGraduate in reply to Tattyanne

well done tattyanne :) WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! WE Are runners!! oh 10miles, now that is a challenge!! well done.. im doing a 5k fun run next mon, my 1st official run..

bluebootsGraduate in reply to Tattyanne

Congratulations Tattyanne. Good luck with your training for the 10miles :)


Congratulations!! That must be such a fantastic feeling. I'm up to week 6 and still can't quite believe that I'll be graduating the programme in 3 weeks (all being well). You certainly deserve to celebrate with such an achievement!

scavoGraduate in reply to Shelwa77

ah thanks Shelwa.. it is a fantastic feeling, and you will know just how fantastic in just 3 wks!! keep on running!!

Congratulations really well done. Keep at it x

scavoGraduate in reply to Seriouslyfatbloke

thanks so much x i will certainly try :)


Absolutely fantastic, You are a true inspiration, I can't believe you managed 35 minutes ;) I am not up to that yet, I graduated a couple of weeks back and am still struggling to run more than 30 minutes so well done! :)

scavoGraduate in reply to PatButcher

oh i've never been called an inspiration before.. thanks pat.. me an inspiration? im stuck for words (very unusual)..

well done you fire to the rain!!!

scavoGraduate in reply to givman

ha thanks givman :)

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