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Week 2 over and done with!

Well, that went fast! It seems just hours ago that I was here nervously anticipating Wk 2 R1 and now I've finished R3 :-)

This week was tough, really tough - it hurt so badly, I ended up with a lot of muscle pain which shocked me, I've not had that before on a running programme - the stretching has always counteracted it, but this time I forgot to stretch after R1 and only realised later in the day - I was rough! Wednesday came and I was still aching but pushed through it - it was like running through treacle - just horrible and the pain yesterday was immense - I ended up downing ibuprofen and co-codomol just to get through the afternoon! I woke up this morning feeling much improved and when driving home from work had almost convinced myself not to run today and put it off til tomorrow, but I had this urge to just do it - the sun is shining, its lovely, I got changed, realised my cropped running tights now fit, and off I went.

I had a great run, it felt really really good, so loose and easy - I covered 3.7k in my 30 mins and I feel invigorated rather than totally drained like I did on Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to Wk3 now - I wasn't, but now I am - I hope that I have a few more good run and I feel like I felt today :-) Woohooo - nearly a 1/4 of the way there!

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Well done for persevering !


Well done for keeping going. Im doing wk2 run3 tomorrow and I have also been feeling it with sore muscles!! The first run of week 2 was not great, did run2 on Thur and was so much better. It's a great feeling when you have a good run after a bad one :)


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