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Anyone else had abdominal pain while running?

So I'm on week 6 currently, and I was supposed to do wk6 run 3 on Monday night. However while I was doing run 2 on Saturday, I felt what i first thought was stitch, which I sometimes get so I slowed down my pace and took some deep breaths. usually it works but it didn't this time :( By the end of the run I had full on abdominal pain, not just in my stomach but also around my sides and in my lower back as well. I ended up missing my run on Monday as I still was so sore :(

I feel better now but I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from this while running as well? part of me wonders whether I don't have a strong enough core, so its starting to hurt now that I'm running further distances.

week 6 run 3 tonight - bit nervous now as I don't want a repeat performance :S

Anyone else had this problem? Any help would be fab thanks :)

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Were you uncomfortable internally, or was it muscular pain? If the latter then core exercises would probably help. Plus stretches of course.

If it was your digestive system then I wonder if you need to look at what you are eating and drinking generally. I think it's a good idea to leave an hour after eating, but make sure you've had a drink. Also (here comes way too much information.....) running helps 'keep you regular' so perhaps your body was protesting at a change in its 'routine'. In which case making sure you have plenty to drink, whether or not it is a run day, and enough, but not too much, fibre is probably a good idea.


For a while when I was building up distance, 40 mins in or so was the magic moment when the cramps would start and I'd have to get home as quick as possible or clench and hope lol. It seemed to get better once I got used to the 5 mile or so distance and above. Yes I'd look at diet but core strength exercises can never hurt (well they can, but you know what I mean!!)


I took up pilates on my rest days and in only three weeks I have really noticed the difference. I was leaning forward whilst running and as my posture has improved I am getting less pain in my sides than before. I've never had abdominal pain but a strong core is always a good thing.


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