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knee pain


No run for me tonight :(. Should be doing my second run of week 3, But have got pain just below my knee and towards the inside of the leg. Had it for a few days now but had eased off on Monday so did my run, which was ok. Whilst doing my cool off walk it started aching again and still aches now. Anyone else had this? Bit gutted as I was enjoying going out running/jogging

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Yes I have had that and needed a month off ! I got it running downhill ( I have hypermobile joints ) It doesn't hurt now when I run but does creak when I come downstairs. Definitely let it get better before running again RICE (rest ice elevation) Don't let yours get worse like I did !

JackJack1Graduate in reply to ridingstar

Thanks for your reply. Crikey a Month! I will definately be doing that RICE thing now. Thanks for the advice ridingstar.

ridingstarGraduate in reply to JackJack1

You probably won't need a month I made mine worse by continuing to run, I could walk pain free but couldn't even run across the road without pain ! That said I agree with Gait analysis my shoes were too supportive and I am now the proud owner of the most wonderful neutral shoes has made all the difference to my running but I need to be careful with my knee still ! Good luck !

My hubby got knee pain early on and it was because he has over pronation (flat feet) and had the wrong trainers. Might be worth getting your running gait checked for free in a running shop.

Hubby wears those orthotics in shoes but needed a different fit in trainers. Hasn't had any knee pain since.

John_WAmbassador in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Excellent advice and would concur with that.


I had an overuse injury in and around that location. Definitely RICE as was suggested. Stretching is also key - there are a lot of muscles that attach at that location.

And don't be afraid to take an extra rest day or two to let things settle.


I had a knee injury too. Mine was a tight quad. Had to back off the running for a while but have been working the muscle and so far seems OK.

Runswithdogs is right, most people I know that have had knee issues have had it linked to muscle problems.

Jules x

Whatever you do don't run in a hard knee brace. I did that and ended up with a rotational fracture of my femur when my foot slipped. A&E Dr, consultant and surgeon all blamed the knee brace. I've been non weight bearing for 6 Weeks and find out tomorrow if I can start physio to begin walking on it again. My advice...wait until it feels much better! 😕

As you can see from the responses, there could be a variety of reasons behind the pain. If you have not had a gait analysis, that would be the thing to check first. The wrong trainers can cause huge problems. Then I would also try to do some strength and flex work on non run days (there are NHS podcasts for these, too). These will help strengthen your joints/muscles. Do remember to stretch after runs. Lastly, if the pain doesn't go away, consult your doctor - they can make sure there isn't any underlying problem and can steer you as to whether this is a pain you can work through or definitely need to rest.

Take an extra rest day. Then next time you run, make sure you take shorter steps - over striding is something else that will cause you issues.

Good luck - don't let it get you down.


Would agree with gait analysis suggestion - that should be the first port of call. Have a look around your area for specialist running shops and go and visit one.

I had knee problems Week 2/3. I took extra rest days, used a knee strap and ran on grass until my body got used to the new activity. No major problems since. Just take it easy and if the pain is more than a niggle, stop running and rest up.

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