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I've had some sort of running based breakdown!

It all went wrong! Don't know what happened.

Did W4r1 on Monday, and thought it was great. Obviously, it killed me - but really felt like I was getting somewhere.

I'm someone who really needs a routine, so was a bit annoyed I couldn't run on the Saturday for my third run, as I was away Fri-Sun - so it would only mean I could run twice that week.

So went for my 2nd run yesterday. Looking forward to it. Did the first 3 mins fine, then went onto my 5 minute run and I just couldn't do it. I got half way through and I just couldn't do any more. It's not like I was in pain, or particularly out of breath. I just don't know what happened -can't put my finger on the problem.

So walked home, angry and frustrated. And I can't even make it up as i'm going away tomorrow (and there is no chance of me running while i'm away).

Anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Urgh! and I was doing so well!!!!

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It's called an off day they happen to every one even experienced runners. Just put it behind you have a good holiday. When you get back just go back to the run you enjoyed and see how it goes I am sure you will be fine.


Off days happen! Its often as much a psychological wall as any physical reason, or sometimes a combination of the two; maybe you didnt quite drink enough water that day combined with a bit of a rubbish time at work or something. Not always a way of knowing why you have an off day. The beauty of c25K is that you can repeat any of the weeks as you need to until you feel ready to move on to the next. Stay positive and put it in the past. Don't shelve your trainers just yet!


I remember finding those first 5 minute runs pretty challenging (both psychologically as well as physically) but as the replies above say off-days can happen to anyone. What I find helps is to go really easily & gently on the next run to rebuild confidence, I'll be trying that technique myself tomorrow as Wk6 R2 wasn't good for me & I have R3 (the 25 mins one!) to do.


Thanks everyone. I've sort of surprised myself that I care so much about it! That must be a good sign!


Have a fabulous break. Be as active as you can without thinking about it and get back on it when you get back!! You'll have more 'on' days than 'off' days!!


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