Has anyone seen my running mojo?

Sorry this is a bit me feeling sorry for myself - i expect no sympathy - i will start positive though.

Last week was a brilliant running week:

Monday - 6km nothing eventful

Thursday - first 10km in 1hour 6mins

Sunday 6km - 3 records fastest 1km - 5.51, fastest mile 9.24 and fastest 5km - 30.45

Plus managed to sign up for another 10km race

So i was on cloud nine - plus my partner had graduated - even managed to give him his own shiny green badge (that made the journey to Chile from uk), printed off his certificate and purchased a nice blue top and found a water bottle for him.

This week what a week - what has happened? After Tuesday's run i thought i was just tried from last week nothing to worry about. Today i really just could not be bothered but i still plotted my 10km route - tried searching for my mojo in the usual places - under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the fridge, under the sofa, under the sofa cushions even but with no luck. So out i went without my mojo - i took some money and thought i will treat myself to an iced coffee from that well known coffee shop - no cream of course after my 10km. Well I shouldn't have bothered. It was a nice sunny morning and part form that everything else about my run was a nightmare.

Off i start - calves feel like lead - maybe someone poured concrete in them on monday. Anyway kept going 1.38 - getting warm, long sleeved top off. On a new path today - that good - nice apartments being built - vitacura really is a nice place to live - oops going the wrong direction so get back on the right street - make it the 2nd main running path. Its blocked great - two lady runner appear i will follow them - there is a reason why the path is blocked its full of great big holes! I decide i don't want to squeeze anymore along the path so i head back and do my previous 9km run. I suddenly thought i don't think i can make it - i am only at 4km now and i have been running for 28minutes - i just don't have another 6km in me. I stopped, i thought ok lets just get to 5km- no i couldn't even do that - i sat on the bench in the park guttered and just wanted to have a little sleep.

So no iced coffee for me, no 10km.So i hope you don't mind me sharing my sadness. I was going to try again tomorrow as saturday is hairdressers and heavy rain and of course sunday is cycling day. I have decided not to run until monday now- i think i need a little break for a few days - so Monday i will do 10km before i head off to brazil.


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  • Chin up Vix, probably just one of those cr*ppy runs we all have every now and then. Don't sweat it m'dear, you ran 4k further than most people today and that's got to be good. :) I wonder if you're a wee bit under the weather. That's the thing about running, your body tells you immediately if you're not 100%, even if you don't have any other symptoms. Have a little break and I'm sure you'll be running around like a good 'un next week. take care xx

  • Yeah I know I should be pleased but just disappointed.totally going to have three days rest, Monday do 10km then take it easier until my 10km race on 28th. I think I will be going to bed early tonight.

  • Good idea about the early night. On Monday why not take the pressure off yourself and plan to do a 5k? If you find it's going well you can always extend it. :)

  • How is your knee?

  • Me knee feels ok most of the time, thanks, but there's still some residual swelling. I know it's there because I still can't crouch down properly into a squat. I get down so far then it starts to hurt. I did get discharged by lovely James but think I'm going to go back because, even on the dreadmill, I'm constantly scared of aggrievating it. Not sure if I'm being sensible or a hypochondriac. I wasn't such a whimp before I started running lol :D

  • I don't blame you, you don't want it to get bad again and have it hurt . I would be the same, slowly but surely better safe than sorry. Fingers crossed it will keep getting better!!

    I know what you mean about 5km, i really want to do another 10km so I know the first one wasn't a fluke. Silly I know. I fly to Brazil on Tuesday so it will be either be running on treadmills in hotels or short 5km runs outside ( my partner is the safety king, we are no allowed garmins or iPods) and I can't see myself doing 10km on a treadmill. Then when we get back it will just be speed podcast and race day.

  • Hummm 10k on a dreadmill would be tough!! 5k, now that's boring but perfectly ok, but 10k? Can't imagine that at all. I'm sure your 10k wasn't a fluke, so you should be fine as long as you keep churning out those 5ks. Good luck Sweetie and stay safe :)

  • Thank you. Take care too

  • You still ran. I have had a couple of failed runs and it always comes down to mental more than physical. You were still lapping everyone on the couch though so don't feel bad.,

  • Yeah-usually I can plough on through the mental but my legs were so heavy I just had to stop. I am sure after a few days I will be ready, if not then we are going to be pushing through hard.

  • I'm sorry you're feeling low but I think you're being very sensible taking time out as perhaps your body is just asking for a rest! I'm sure you'll be back re-energised and raring to go!

  • Yeah just going to watch from the sofa for a few days and then Monday I will get back to it.

  • Sorry Vix but I think I might have your mojo :) Have just moved onto week 8 and have had 2 really great runs - on the last one I really felt like a proper runner and everything felt good!!! Could I borrow mojo until I graduate please?

  • Of course you can! :) glad someone has found it and keeping it safe. If it's not bother can I borrow it back on the 28th for a 10km race. It's great when you feel like a proper runner! Congratulations only a few more runs left until you graduate.graduation day is a very special day!

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