Couch to 5K

I did it, I did it, I did it! week 5 r3

I only did it despite all the bad omens........picture the scene. got my trainers on, got my water, went into the spare room where the treadmill lives along with two cockatiels. got my I phone out to put Laura on only to find that the pod cast had disappeared! went to I tunes but couldn't down load the blooming thing! so having read the routine I thought sod it I will time myself with my own funky tunes. great started with cosmic dancer by t Rex only to find the treadmill is not working again. with some brut force I get the belt going and manage to jump on to start my walk, the speed has gone stupid so where I would usually be walking at about 3.5 suddenly 2.4 is practically killing me (the speed is running well fast) anyway I carry on and then turn it up to 3.1 to start the twenty min session (3.1 Would normally be a slow walk) anyway all going well, yeah it is tiring but I'm getting there. "mamma do the hump mamma do the hump hump" is now playing I'm 1.5 mins away from target, I'm feeling great im goin to make it, I'm going to make it!!!! when the blooming treadmill decides that it will now go really slooooooow. nooooooooooo so close! but did I give up ? did I heck, I held on those bars and pushed that flipping belt with my own momentum for the last min and a half!!!!!! I probably worked harder in that min and a half than the other eighteen ha ha but I did it :) I have no idea's how far or fast I went all I know is that despite all the things they were against me I still did it and if I can, so can all of you :)

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T Rex, ah, great for running to. Well done for persevering in the face of adversity. Maybe this is a sign to get outside. :)


well done, what an achievement! it would have been so easy to give up. am due to do the 20 mins on thursday (if i manage the 8 mins today!) think I will do it outside though, would have been easier for you too I think!

it's lovely to read all the post of those saying they did it, just have to convince myself now!


Haha such a great post and well done! I did w5r3 last week and it went really well but very tame compared to yours! :)


well done Pricey. thats a fantastic achievement & you did it, against all odds :)

not sure what treadmill you have but I have a reebok t3.1 & I have a copy of an engineers service manual that was emailed to me when I was having problems with mine. if you message me I would be happy to send it to you.


shelly mines a horizon we looked at all obvious stuff but can't find nothing. but have found an interesting app called I treadmill which works out the pace, speed etc for you so as long as the belt keeps going I will stick with it now, mind u 25 min run coming up next, hope this one goes a bit more smoothly lol. thanks everyone anyway :)


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