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did it! But do I qualify to graduate?

Completed my week 9 run 3 on Monday night (thought all the fireworks going off was for me!) but need to ask the question have I really completed the c25k if I am not running 5k?

I run on my treadmill for a 5 Min warm up then 30 Min run (speed 6) then 5 Min cool down but only register 4k on my treadmill so do i "graduate or not? I have always run on my treadmill because I don't want to run outside where everyone could see me red faced, and huffing and puffing! I know I run slow but I am consistent at the same speed for 30 mins as this was my own personal goal (pretty good considering my last run was at school age 12 and now I am a 47 year old mum of 3 more yucky than yummy!) my new goal is to keep running 3 times a week for 30 mins then maybe build up to running 5k but probably will need more than 30 mins- any feed back or suggestions on what to do next would be appreciated! I have enjoyed reading everyone's blogs as I find them all very encouraging but feel a bit of a failure cos i haven't actually covered 5k yet!

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Firstly - You Are Not A Failure!! cos if you are so are a lot of us :-) I still dont make 5km in 30 mins - and sometimes not at all - have just come back from 4km in 35mins. But you are getting out there and running - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS.

Now message JR21 and tell him how you've done - I said exactly the same to him - he is very clear - you run for 30 mins =- graduate :-)

Really Well done - and looking forward to seeing your badge on here :-)

Best wishes - and keep running!


thanks! i have sent message to JR21 and we will see what he says!


Congratulations and well done, tryinghard!!!! You are absolutely a graduate!!! You have earned that "Graduate" badge and should display it proudly!!

No worries, the 5K distance will come in time!! You have done wonderfully!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well of course you're a Graduate silly! :-) I am not near a 5K distance at 30 minutes, in fact to do a 5K it takes me just under 40 minutes. There are many, many of us in Graduate-land that was not doing a 5K distance at Grad time. This didn't stop us from pulling out the party horns and chilling the wine to celebrate. GOOD JOB YOU! Now go get that badge!!! :-) Gayle


You certainly ARE a graduate so you go and shout that out to everyone, celebrate and enjoy the moment! The majority of us here dont achieve the 5k in 30 mins at graduation but it gives us something to work on afterwards.

Congratulations and best wishes on your onward journey! Sue


Hi, trying hard, I also graduated on Monday and just like you I have done it all on a treadmill in the gym, AND like you, I am not completing 5k yet, very much the same as your distance, but you HAVE graduated! You are definitely NOT a failure, but a complete SUCCESS. I felt a bit like you feel, but I blogged on Monday after my run and as you would expect from this lovely forum, I got loads of congratulations and feedback, so it's now my turn to do the same - Congratulations!

I'm going to have a go at the 5k+ podcasts to improve my staminia and speed, so that soon the magic 5k figure WILL appear on the treadmill display! Again, congratulations and good luck with your running.



ive just done wk9 run 2 and i did 5k in 40 mins... i stick to the same pace and not sure i'll ever do it in 30 mins... but to be able to say i've run 5k is brilliant


Well done!! I graduated months ago and still dream of 5k in 30mins ;-)

Enjoy all your future runs :-)


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